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Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Jun 10, 2016 3412 views

What are the benefits of interning/working for a startup?

I am a high school student and in my current search for internships, everywhere I turn, I see startups. Big companies such as Google and NASA have correspondingly big impact on resumes and portfolios but what do small startups have to offer in terms of extension and development of skill sets,...

zarah’s Avatar
zarah May 27, 2016 1773 views

is it better to work before going to obtain an MBA?

If so, what sort of jobs would help me get into a good graduate business school? #college #business #economics #professors #mba

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica May 25, 2016 1003 views

What area of business is best to major in these days?

I am going back to school and pursuing a degree in business administration. I've heard that it is better to specialize in an area such as office management or finance. #business #scholars

Kaylyn’s Avatar
Kaylyn May 25, 2016 1352 views

What is one thing you wish someone told you before becoming a business major?

I am currently a junior in high school and I am VERY interested in the business and economics world within society. I do realize that majoring in business covers a broad spectrum of career opportunities, but what is one thing that someone wanting to study business should be advised on? What do...

Sabine’s Avatar
Sabine May 23, 2016 1364 views

What courses would you recommend every student should take before proceeding further with my job search?

Classes that people hiring for jobs or internships would be impressed to see an applicant has taken #business #engineering #law #marketing #economics

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander May 19, 2016 1155 views

How can I use an MBA degree after attending business school to help me bring my Biomedical Engineering expertise to the business world.

I am a high school senior who will be attending Columbia university next year and I plan on majoring in Biomedical Engineering. #business #engineering

Amy’s Avatar
Amy May 20, 2016 1958 views

Does anyone have a degree in business and computer science?

Hello! When deciding on what to major, I have two ideas in mind -- one is computer science and the other is in business. Does anyone have both of these degrees and want to explain the job opportunities that have come your way? Is it helpful to have a degree in both CS and business? Are the job...

Itay’s Avatar
Itay May 19, 2016 765 views

Is it vey difficult to get a business job in NYC upon graduation

I am interested in working in NYC upon graduation #business

Luke’s Avatar
Luke May 19, 2016 1181 views

Is a business major necessary or recommended for someone who wants to go into business?

I'm interested in eventually going into Business (as in running my own business). I currently have an online numismatics business, but hope to go through college and ramp up my business all the while. Some people have told me that while studying business as an undergraduate, one will learn just...

Mark’s Avatar
Mark May 19, 2016 1236 views

What are the most efficient ways to obtain an internship in an accounting firm during my college career?

I plan to be an accountant and I want to have as much experience as I can receive to prepare me for my job after college. I want to find out the right path for an accountant major. #business #finance #accounting

Chris’s Avatar
Chris May 18, 2016 1106 views

Where do I find information about job opportunities in the field I want to study?

I've been looking around online and can't seem to find a good place to look up companies that are hiring in specific degree fields. #business #logistics

Shue’s Avatar
Shue May 18, 2016 922 views

How much does internships help with jobs?

Well, I went to the California State Convention, and many of them had me advised to apply for internships. But what I'm more curious about is, how big of a role does internship compare to extracurricular when applying for a job? I know it depends on what type of job and what type of internship,...

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer May 17, 2016 1113 views

Are those with just a bachelor's degree in Business as able to get jobs as those with a master's degree?

I am a college student planning on changing my major to Business but I have not decided which specific area to study. I am asking this question to see if working for a master's degree would be more beneficial for the student. #business #choosing-a-major

Natalia’s Avatar
Natalia May 17, 2016 1489 views

How difficult is it to find a job in international business?

Im majoring in international business and am worried about my future. #business #international-business

Kathleen’s Avatar
Kathleen May 17, 2016 1555 views

What can you do with a Bachelor's degree in Economics?

I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Economics with a minor in Business, what kind of career options are there for Econ majors? #business #finance #accounting #economics #investment