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Devona Spruell

Principal Senior Software Engineer at Dell
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Ballston Spa, New York
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Karan Apr 23, 2020 876 views

Did you choose your career path to better your life or to change the world?

21 year old Sociology major #careers

Denny’s Avatar
Denny Apr 23, 2020 735 views

What are good resources for me to find scholarships?

#money #financial-aid #scholarship

Hamid’s Avatar
Hamid Aug 22, 2016 8049 views

If you were to go back to high school what would you do differently?

I a junior in high school. I wanted to get advice from a college student or even a professional in the market. Since I always hear people say that if they were to go back they would have done so much better I want other people's opinions on what they would have done better. #college #university

Sabrina’s Avatar
Sabrina May 26, 2016 1189 views

What kind of things should I pack for college?

I am dorming at the college of my choice and am open to any good suggestions on whats good and not good to pack. #college #college-life

Chyanne’s Avatar
Chyanne May 25, 2016 880 views

How does it feel transitioning to High School student to College Student and trying to pay for it?

I ask this because in one more month I will be a college student and I'm still trying to figure out how I will get the money because scholarships haven't been easy to get. #college #professor #students

Evan’s Avatar
Evan May 25, 2016 1948 views

Is it normal for me to feel afraid for not knowing the things to do the job I was hired for?

I want to do software or hardware but am afraid I am going to put in the job with no idea what to do. #engineer #computer #technology #software #computer-hardware #startups

Kimberlynn’s Avatar
Kimberlynn May 25, 2016 1221 views

Did you take any special classes to prepare for college?

I want to completely prepared for everything. #college-major

Jake’s Avatar
Jake May 25, 2016 781 views

Should I room with people I know or strangers?

I'm moving out for college and I would like some advice on who I should room with. I want to room with people I know but I feel as if I room with random people I would be more focused on my studies #any

Blessed Joshua ’s Avatar
Blessed Joshua May 18, 2016 2246 views

Software Engineer

I'm a first year college student majoring in Computer Science. How to get a software engineering internship? What experiences or skills do I need to get an internship from a huge company like Google or Apple? #computer-science #computer #software #software-development #software-engineer #google...

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren May 20, 2016 1139 views

Looking back on your college experiences, would you say that the social and net-working aspects from college are just as valuable to your current careers as the education you recieved in college? why or why not?

Although the point of college is to learn and become educated for future careers, I've been told the importance of networking. I am wondering, from others' personal experiences, how being social and networking may have helped them build their careers. #college #career #graduate #social #networking

Kyana’s Avatar
Kyana May 21, 2016 998 views

Did you love or hate your college experiemce?

were you that kid that went to every event, or the kid that stayed in their dorm. Did you have friends, join a team, or joined a club? Did you love or hate your college experience? #graduate #sophomore #junior