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Nursing assistant
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Aishat Mar 18 184 views

#CV23How do I get a freelancer?

I graduated from the university last year October and ever since then have been looking at working as a freelancer but I could not get any, I would really appreciate if I can get a guidance on that please.

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kimberly Mar 13 195 views

What should I look for in a job as an office administrator?

Give me tips on what I should know and look for before entering a job

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Edith Mar 17 281 views

What does a good resume need to have for it to be competitive?

I am currently trying to get to an educational institute and become a TA for preschoolers with my experience from being a Resilience Corps Associate for the San José Public Library but they always declined my application because I don’t have ECE units. They tend to give the position to those...

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Dennis Feb 22 399 views

what are tips after high school?

I'm currently a senior in high school

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ISAIAH Feb 22 195 views

Where is a good place to work?

Is there any good locations to work when wanting to play basketball like overseas?

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Allyson Feb 22 303 views

What are some helpful high school classes or PSEO classes to take for careers in the science and technology fields?

I am interested in computer programming and possibly starting my own business in technology/computing.

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alijah Feb 22 219 views

how much do cement make?

like how long you have to be working to get a higher raise? or will I be working for the union/?

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Matthew Feb 21 462 views

What soft skills are generally important in careers?

When I mean soft skills, I mean skills like teamwork, communication, etc.