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Aneesa M.

Scrum Lead
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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julis Apr 05 472 views

how to study different topics?

learn to ask questions

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Mohammed Nov 13, 2023 1314 views

How do I start Management Consulting Career?

I need advice in how I make myself stand-out of the crowd that is already hunting Management Consultants jobs. I want to know the perfect kick start to management consultant career and unmeasured success.

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Oct 02, 2023 337 views

Is it a good time to try to pursue a degree in computer science?

I'm a sophomore in high school, but I'm already very interested in coding, particularly game development.

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Maria Aug 03, 2023 596 views

How can I possibly challenge my self?

“What” are some other career similar in business.” “Would”I be able to go to college.”how would I know in some point in life what I want to do or what would make me benefit my self.

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Fae Jul 06, 2023 10798 views

Why did you pick computer science as your field of study?

What motivates you to have your job in computer science/why did you pick it? What keeps you interested in technology?

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Jason May 12, 2023 3557 views

Why did you choose computer science?

I am wondering why you chose to major in computer science, or work a job relating to computer science.

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Avimael May 11, 2023 600 views
jessica’s Avatar
jessica May 25, 2023 421 views

how can i be guaranteed a well-paying job in business field ?

how can i be guaranteed a well-paying job in business field

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Noor May 25, 2023 608 views

What was second choose as a job if the one you currently have didn’t work out ?

am doing a project and am trying to collect data

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Batool May 28, 2022 448 views

How can I complete my volunteer hours?

By the way, I'm 15 yo but in 11th grade. Also, I've social anxiety.