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Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Seattle, Washington
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Max’s Avatar
Max Jun 29, 2022 801 views

How do I get into management consulting with a Big 4 Firm?

Hi! I hope you’re all well and safe. I just wanted to know what I could do now as a second semester sophomore to improve my chances of working in management consulting for a Big 4 accounting firm. Thank you!!

c’s Avatar
c Jun 09, 2023 238 views

What opportunities are available for high school research online?

I want to make a research paper on psychology!

Jenise’s Avatar
Jenise Jun 06, 2023 591 views

How do I know if I should stay in college?

I just finished my first semester of college and I was really struggling a lot that I am not sure that I want to continue. My gpa is not the best and I really don't have motivation to be there but I am very interested in my chosen field and I want to pursue this but I'm just not sure if...

Amir’s Avatar
Amir Feb 07, 2023 936 views

How did you start your career in consulting and what are some things that made you stand out in the application pool?

I just started researching about the consulting industry and I am going to graduate with a BA in psychology this fall. I am interested in entering the consulting scene and want to know ways that I can be more appealing to employers.

Maryuri’s Avatar
Maryuri May 02, 2023 395 views

What are some advices before going to college?

I'm a senior high school, I'm about to graduate. I want to know what I have to expect and what are some tips I need to know.

Srishti’s Avatar
Srishti May 20, 2023 5768 views

What medical certifications can I get while in high school?

I'm a rising high school sophomore and have aspirations of going into the medical field. I was wondering about things to do over the summer and thought getting a few certifications in would be helpful. Which ones would you recommend?

Lethukuthula’s Avatar
Lethukuthula Jun 05, 2023 435 views

How to improve chances of getting a job after graduation?

I'm a final year student in Bsc Eng Mechanical engineering student at university of kwazulu natal.

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Jun 08, 2023 1161 views

College Tips?

What are some tips to get through my first years of college and maintaining good grades while managing stress? What are some studying tips to make sure I don't fail?

’s Avatar
Jun 08, 2023 988 views

how important is a top uni?

as a current junior

Audrey’s Avatar
Audrey Jun 09, 2023 1027 views

If you could change anything about your high school outcome, what would it be and why?

Lots of people often regret certain decisions after high school, so what do you wish you could change?