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Haasini Mar 21 467 views

How do I narrow down my options for a career?

The careers I’m looking at are something to do in the medical field, computer science field, or business field.

Michel’s Avatar
Michel Mar 21 365 views

what is better doctor and engineer?

i want to be a engineer but family dont

Maggie’s Avatar
Maggie Feb 16 647 views

How do I choose a career based on my interests?

I am trying to get my associates degree in highschool, but I don't know what career to pursue afterwards. Any suggestions?

Skylah’s Avatar
Skylah Jan 11 888 views

What will be some good career classes to take in college?

What's some good classes?

hyuma’s Avatar
hyuma Nov 23, 2023 371 views

How do I make money as high schooler?

I am 10th grade and I want to prioritize education for my future career but I have this trip I want to go to that cost $5000 and I have to pay for everything but work seems to much since I already have education so I am lost on what I should do.

Ryley’s Avatar
Ryley Dec 28, 2023 1208 views

Are new grad nurses prepared to know how to work in their environment?

Im a senior in high school and want to go into nursing. Today, for the first time, with no previous experiences, I shadowed an ICU nurse. It was a cool experience but scary with how much knowledge of machines, technology and charting you have to know how to work? I was truly wondering if any...

Joy’s Avatar
Joy Dec 25, 2023 909 views

What is essential for successfully choosing a career in medicine?

I've always wanted to pursue a career in medicine and that has not changed. But, I want to create a life for myself where I'm financially stable and happy. So, how do you choose a career that makes enough to support your lifestyle while maintaining a happy life.

Fake’s Avatar
Fake Dec 20, 2023 439 views

What job recommendations do you have?

Something you enjoy to do or have a really strong talent for, and when you find that

Sage’s Avatar
Sage Dec 11, 2023 490 views

How do you start deciding your career path?

I am a high school student, who plays an instrument, is an athlete, and takes stem and biology-based classes. I want to go toward the stem and bio fields, but I am unsure.

Bangzishu’s Avatar
Bangzishu Dec 04, 2023 460 views

What should I do to have a better chance of going down the product design path in college/career?

I am currently a sophomore in high school and want to pursue in the career of product design.

John’s Avatar
John Dec 05, 2023 577 views

How can i find a job?

This is what i am looking for

Aharon’s Avatar
Aharon Nov 22, 2023 316 views

I really admire nurses and I have always had this dream to be a PICU nurse. How much would a I want to know the correct steps to take in order to reach my goal? I want to know what degrees I need if they are required? I need to know if I have to go to collage or can I go straight into nursing school? I am very confused with all the degrees and licenses that I believe must be required in order to be a PICU nurse.

I have recently graduated Penn foster high school and had taken 5 elective courses I chose all the courses that have something to do with health, medicine, medical sicknesses and terminology. I chose and have completed the following 5 courses, Medical Office Procedures; Law, Ethics, And...

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Nov 08, 2023 298 views

Do you feel you made the correct career choice and do you have any regrets?

Do you feel you made the correct career choice and do you have any regrets?

Keiry’s Avatar
Keiry Nov 05, 2023 865 views

Why is it so hard to find a job that pays well but that you also enjoy?

I would love to find a job that would pay well at least 70k a year and that I also enjoy, but with todays economy it is very hard to do so. So what would be more important? Finding a job I love but it does not pay well or finding a job that pays well but j don’t enjoy?

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Jerresa Oct 31, 2023 2412 views

How do i determine what career i want to pursue after Highschool?

I am in 12th grade and i feel like im unprepared for graduate life. I also want to do a lot of things after high school and i feel like no knowing an exact one is stressful