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Grand Junction, Colorado
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I don't want a career. I have many interests and want to learn lots. I do want to be able to support myself but I don't want to pick one job and do that forever.



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Carolyn Feb 29 275 views

How do I find a job as a Ranch Hand?

Hello, really I am looking to see if anyone here has connections with a ranch owner in The Midwest/South US. That would need help taking care of there horses and other animals starting in Summer 2025. I would only be seeking this kind of work until Fall/Winter of 2026.
Thank you!

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Carolyn Feb 29 409 views

How do I find a job as a stable hand ?

Hi! I graduate high school next spring and want to work as a stable hand/groomer in the Midwest/ south US. Does anyone have advice with how to find a job or any connections that might be looking for help around then? Side note: I don’t want to go to college or further school for equestrians....

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Carolyn Oct 02, 2023 205 views

How do I find a good apartment with good roommates?

I love adventure and am not sure what I'm doing after high school so I can really go anywhere. but I'm a semi anxious person and faint a lot, so I want to have roommates willing to check in on me from time to time. how do I find girl roommates willing to do that?

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Carolyn Sep 28, 2023 842 views

What are some affordable culinary schools?

I love to cook and am quite good if I do say so myself. Though being a chef is not my first choice as a career it’s one of my favorites as I love to cook. I’m a junior in high school and feel it’s time to jump on the bandwagon for finding a school. What are affordable but quality culinary schools?

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Carolyn Sep 27, 2023 721 views

What dance schools are the best for ballerinas?

I’m a junior in high school and I want to be a professional ballerina, I’ve done dance since I was 8 and love it, but I’m confused where to go after high school. I know about schools and academy’s but I don’t want to go to NYC or California if possible. What are the best schools? How do I get...

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Carolyn Sep 26, 2023 379 views

How Do I help displaced teens?

How do you start a home for teens displaced for abuse or runaway?,
I’m interested in doing this someday. How do I get started?
What are laws about it?