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Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh
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Fahmida Jannat Apr 15 711 views

Going down the right track ?

Hey there, I'm going to study electrical engineering at a top university abroad (t30) and plan to take a minor in applied AI in my second year. So for this, I have started working on Python, Java, and C++ (as I have already completed C back in high school) and plan to work on VHDL afterwards...

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Fahmida Jannat Apr 11 612 views

Working on it as an incoming student ?

My university is more likely to offer internship opportunities from the second year. What are some skills that I should develop right now so that I can get internships from prominent companies / FAANG while majoring in electrical engineering?
I have no prior experience in doing internships!

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Fahmida Jannat Mar 30 384 views

How hard is it to get into Uofwaterloo as a transfer from McGill electrical engineering ?

Hello, I am an incoming freshman at Mcgill (electrical engineering). Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to apply to Waterloo this year; however, I intend to conduct a credit transfer next year! Can somebody inform me what stats are required for a transfer to the University of...

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Fahmida Jannat Mar 26 276 views

What to choose to have a better career in the states ?

Got into Canadian top unis and Australian top unis Greetings. I got an offer letter from McGill University in Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering (co-op), and again, I got offer letters from UNSW, Monash Australia, and the University of Sydney, too, for a bachelor of engineering!...

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Fahmida Jannat Mar 16 567 views

What major should I go for ?

I have always been interested in mathematics and physics. After graduating from 12th grade, I have discovered that I'm really good at mathematics, though I used to get over 95% in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. I know getting a good score isn't everything in a career; there are so many...