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Alan Luedemann

Vice President, Consumer IT
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Woodbridge Township, New Jersey
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Jaydah’s Avatar
Jaydah May 14, 2016 1623 views

In the exotic veterinarian feild, what would be the biggest advantages and disadvantages?

I am looking to pursue a carreer in zoology and working with exotic vets. And i just want to know the benefits and the challenges. #chemistry #veterinarian #zoology #wildlife-biology #life-sciences #zookeeper #animal #pets

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Mar 10, 2017 1145 views

When interviewing for a job, what should you answer when asked about your weaknesses?

Are there answers that show you are thoughtful and honest without ruining the chance of getting the job? What are companies really looking for? #interviews #college-jobs #summer-jobs #interviewing-skills #high-school-jobs

Mounia’s Avatar
Mounia Apr 01, 2017 1212 views

What to do when you don't get the job you really wanted?

I interviewed for a position that I really want and am wondering how I should prepare if I don't get the position? Should I consider volunteering for this organization? Social media was brought up by one of the women that interviewed me, should I look for additional oppurtunities by following...

W. C.’s Avatar
W. C. Mar 24, 2017 1712 views

Does GPA really matter when applying for a job?

I want to know about after graduation, does GPA (Grade Point Average) really that important when finding for jobs?
thanks!! #jobs

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Feb 19, 2017 699 views

What job can be selected by management students?

In my university, except management, other majors support co-op. #management

Roger Kyle’s Avatar
Roger Kyle Feb 23, 2017 1015 views

What are some professional career that relate to traveling around the world and documenting other culture?

I like to travel and I want to experience other culture. I also want to learn about different types of medicine used in different culture. #travel #culture

Temaleti’s Avatar
Temaleti May 18, 2016 688 views

What are some classes that I can I take in high school to help me with my career choice?

I'm asking this so then I can prepare early to know that I really want to get into that field. #career #career-counseling #higher-education #dental-hygienist

kynnedi’s Avatar
kynnedi May 03, 2016 907 views

what can i do during collage to start teaching little kids how to dance

my goal is to finish my education and go off to collage major in hair, dance or engineering. #dance #hip-hop-dance #jazz-dance

Victor’s Avatar
Victor Apr 05, 2017 1711 views

What steps do I need to take to get my life together? (Please see the context)

I am turning 30 this year and life has not been exactly how I want it to be. I have a bachelors degree of applied science in Electronics Engineering from DeVry University but I graduated in 2009 I haven't had any type of tech Jobs. except one. and i feel that that job wasn't very technical...

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Jan 28, 2017 1460 views

Will a TI-84 or similar graphing calculator ever come in handy in software development, or will I only ever need it for school?

I'm curious whether it would make more sense to sell my TI-84 when I'm done with the math classes for my degree, or to hold onto it. #computer-science #computer-software #software-engineering #computer-programming #software-development #software-design