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Mariah K. May 18, 2016 265 views
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Valentina D. May 19, 2016 497 views

Best website for scholarships?

I would like to save as much money as possible when I go to college. Where should I apply for scholarships? #college #scholarships #counselor #academic-advising #advising...


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Antoine T. May 26, 2016 280 views

Is there a benefit in majoring in one field and minoring in another?

If i major in engineering, and minor in pharmacy, would that allow me to have a backup if engineering does not go well?...


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Calvin K. May 28, 2016 535 views

Should I go straight into post-secondary?

Is it recommended/better to just immediately start post-secondary right after high school? #college #university...


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Jason S. Aug 31, 2017 449 views

How can I apply for more scholarships?

I want to get as much scholarships as possible #college...


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Cierra W. Sep 28, 2017 239 views

I like to be a small business owner on the side. As far as education wise, how should I go about accomplishing that?

I want to become an optometrist, yet I would also like to become a small business owner. How would I go about accomplishing that, education wise? #optometry #smallbusiness...


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Hayley E. Sep 28, 2017 381 views

Taxable Scholarships

#accounting If I win any of the scholarships I'm applying for are they taxable to...

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Elizabeth C. Sep 29, 2017 280 views

What are some good ways to save your money early for college?

I want to be a vet and I know I have to attend college for a total of 8 years to achieve this goal. I want to start saving my money, but there is not a lot of income for a teen my age. #college...


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Desiree A. Sep 29, 2017 272 views

Is taking a loan out for college a good idea? Especially if you family is not currently stable?

I am asking this, because my family is currently not financially stable and I was wondering if taking out a lone will affect our credit. #college...


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Olivia B. Sep 29, 2017 500 views

What exactly can I do with a degree in Accounting?

I honestly really love math and I love how organized the world of math is and because of that when I started my search of majors I choose accounting but the bad part is that when I begin looking into what I can actually do with it all I really found was doing peoples taxes, is there anything...


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Susanna S. Sep 30, 2017 332 views

What is the average pay for an accountant?

My father has an accounting degree that he has yet to use. #pay...


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Caitlin C. Sep 30, 2017 407 views