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Mike Davis

CTO and Co-founder at MPOWER Financing
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New York, New York
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Mia Apr 30, 2015 2322 views

How to start a cosmetic business?

I am into business but also into cosmetics/makeup... so i am trying to find a balance between those two. #business #entrepreneurship #cosmetology #cosmetics

Vicente’s Avatar
Vicente Jan 27, 2015 1531 views

What colleges/universities in California have really good business programs ?

I'm currently doing a college search or where I would like to go and I want to major in the field of business. Since I want to stay close to my family, I'd prefer a college/university around the west coast. I've been seeing lots of colleges that have an amazing business program. But...

Taryn’s Avatar
Taryn Jan 05, 2015 1112 views

How do you have embellishment ideas for fashion?

I have seen a lot of beautiful embellishment on dresses, shirts, pants, jackets and I would like to be able to do that without thinking to hard. Please help. #fashion #design #fashion-design #designers #ideas #inspiration

Mekhi’s Avatar
Mekhi Dec 04, 2014 3147 views

What are some of the major topics covered during an average economics course in college?

I am asking this question because I have an interest in business/economics and wanted to know more about what was covered in a economics class. #money #money-management #bussiness #stock-market #macro-economics

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Dec 16, 2014 1228 views

Is there a way to learn online about how to program an Arduino board?

I am in an internship and my team needs someone to know how to program an Arduino board. I volunteered but I am finding it hard to find any online courses for the arduino. #programmer #arduino-programming

Mario’s Avatar
Mario Dec 19, 2014 3201 views

What social benefits come with being a software engineer?

I really enjoy meeting new people. I also enjoy working in groups. If i like to socialize and meet new people, is being a software engineer a good idea? #software #work #environment