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Florence, Alabama

Within 40 mile radius
KJ’s Avatar
KJ Aug 15, 2023 327 views

how can i learn better as a 9th grader ?

Im 14 years old and I want to be better at math

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Brooklyn Jul 11, 2023 433 views

What part time jobs can I get at 15?

What part time jobs can a 15 year old get? I just turned 15 last month and have been trying to find a part time job to earn extra cash before school starts back up, I tried McDonald’s but none of them in my area are currently hiring. I don’t know where else to look because most restaurants in...

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Jun 21, 2023 469 views

What is the best instrument?

I am a average musician

Elizebeth’s Avatar
Elizebeth Jun 09, 2023 886 views

how do you find work?

how do you find work?

Kate’s Avatar
Kate May 23, 2023 742 views

How will I know when I found the career I want to go into?

I’m in 9th grade.

Brooklyn’s Avatar
Brooklyn May 22, 2023 660 views

What is the best language to learn as a beginner to becoming bilingual if English is your first language ?

I am a freshman in high school the end of the year is this Thursday, the last day of school. I decided to learn a new language over the summer since I would like to become a nurse or travel nurse, or just something that allows me to help others as much as possible. However I have struggled with...

Brooklyn’s Avatar
Brooklyn Apr 21, 2023 539 views

Nurses, What is the best advice you got in high school that has stuck with you?

I hace almost finished my first year of high school and I am taking college course through dual enrollment with a nearby community college. This year has been stressful and I am struggling to stay motivated.

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Mykah Nov 13, 2020 643 views

#GivingisCaring because I want this for my 23 year old son that has 28 high school credit to succeed.

What options does Mykah have? #GivingisCaring he wants his #high school diploma and we are building a computer at moment we need help. I need SSI bc limited mobility but I'm getting it done. Whom I ask can assist us in all things diploma and financial assistance and building a computer? For his...

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Apr 05, 2018 570 views

Any suggestions for paying for Vet School?

I plan to go to vet school. Everyone I have talked to say it will likely require lots of student loans. What is the best strategy for financial planning during undergraduate school?
#animallover #financial-planning #student-debt

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Apr 05, 2018 750 views

What recommendations do you have on getting into Vet school ?

I plan to go to vet school after undergrad but these schools are especially selective and difficult to get into. What are your recommendations for things that I can work on that will set me apart from other applicants?
#animallovers #veterinarian #medicine #vet-school #applications

Hayley’s Avatar
Hayley Jan 21, 2018 648 views

How many years does it take to obtain a Law degree?

I am interested in Law as a career but I know it will probably take about 4 years to get my bachelor's degree and then I'm estimated it will take about 2 more years to get my degree in law and pass the bar exam. I've been told that if I go this route, I'll be spending a lot of time my first...

Hayley’s Avatar
Hayley Jan 21, 2018 632 views

I will be getting my degree in business and want to know if it's better to get a Business Administration, Accounting or Finance degree.

#financial-accounting There are so many options when obtaining a degree in business. I want to choose the best option for my future. Are there more job openings in Business Administration, Accounting or Finance out there in the business world. I don't want to look back in 2022 and wish I...

Dessika’s Avatar
Dessika Jan 12, 2018 850 views

Is there anything that an incoming college freshman should know that any college website does not tell?

#college #collegefreshman #college-admissions

Dessika’s Avatar
Dessika Jan 12, 2018 518 views

How much preparation should a student have for going into their planned major?

I have experience in my planned major but I'm not certain how much is enough when planning to apply. #forensic-chemistry #forensic-investigation #forensics #college #college-major

Tahleia’s Avatar
Tahleia Oct 10, 2017 1189 views

Can a neonatal nurse only work with healthy babies?

Can you major in neonatal nursing but not work with ill babies.
#nursing #nurse #neonatal

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