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Kerman, California

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Emmalee’s Avatar
Emmalee Apr 26 246 views

I want to go to college for nursing but I am 21. What do I do to get there?

I am 21 years old and live in San Jose. I want to finish my Medical Assisting Program, but I want to be a nurse. I am looking and can't find anything very helpful. Any advice?

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Apr 14 367 views

How to make it in the real world?

As a teenager

julis’s Avatar
julis Apr 05 420 views

how to study different topics?

learn to ask questions

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Mar 24 344 views

how to become a nurse?

how do it?

Bernard’s Avatar
Bernard Mar 22 234 views

how to become a biologist?

best ways to be a biologist

Taniya’s Avatar
Taniya Oct 31, 2023 308 views

as a highschool student i wanna major in the medical field i want to know what i need to do now to accomplish that goal of mine. i wanna know what collages have a good course for me ?

medical field

Adam’s Avatar
Adam Oct 06, 2023 296 views

Where do I start to become an electrician.

I want to be an electrician and I don’t know where to start

Madalyn’s Avatar
Madalyn Oct 03, 2023 799 views

General questions ?

What can I do to understand what I want to be in the future? How can I be a sports travel physical therapist? Why can't you have more than two professions? Can I do art and different designs? Can I be an architect and a travel physical therapist? Can I be an architect, culinary arts person, and...

Yosselin’s Avatar
Yosselin Oct 03, 2023 301 views

What degree do you need for the police?

How long does it take to be a police?
Do you travel if you’re in the police force?
What degree do you need for the police?

Itzel’s Avatar
Itzel Oct 03, 2023 174 views

How many years to be a full agent?

how many time will take to be ready for be an fbi agent.? What things to they really do to be an fbi.?

Myrna’s Avatar
Myrna Oct 03, 2023 184 views

Nursing questions

What are the best schools to attend for nursing? What are the best ways to study for registered nurse prerequisites? How many years does it take to become a travel nurse? Do you need to be a registered nurse to become a travel nurse?

Chris’s Avatar
Chris Aug 31, 2023 416 views

What is the best way to network ?

I'm a Senior in highschool and want to know what networking is and how it helps.

Karina’s Avatar
Karina Aug 31, 2023 1317 views

What should I major in to go through the pathway of becoming an athletic trainer for the MLB? Is it only one major that I have to pursue in order to become one?How long does it take to study?

I want to pursue becoming an athletic trainer for the MLB since I realized that me trying to be an anesthesiologist is too much for me. Am I also going to have to major in one or two to ensure I would get a job in the MLB also?

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Aug 29, 2023 1052 views

What are basic things you should know before starting Culinary school

I have interest in becoming a chef when I am older and eventually own a restaurant. I am not really sure what to expect from culinary school. Do we start with basics or is it already assumed we know the basics.

Anissa’s Avatar
Anissa Aug 10, 2023 316 views

What should I be?

What should i be?

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