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Manchester, Connecticut

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Kristofer’s Avatar
Kristofer 16 hours ago 20 views

How does people improve on their manufacturing skills outside of work and school? #FALL22

I am in school and I work, but I still want to improve more.

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 08 140 views

What is it like having to teach early childhood students post-pandemic?

I have been hearing how hard it is to get students back on the right track post-pandemic. I would just like to get someones point of view on the level of difficulty it has been. Has there been a noticeable set backs? #FALL22

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Nov 14 114 views

Which is a better major ? #fall22

Which is a better major? Psychology or Law?


amanda’s Avatar
amanda Sep 01, 2017 468 views

What is the biggest struggle when doing pediatric nursing?

I am currently a nursing student about to go into my second to last class for nursing and I am doing my pediatric rotation as well as OB. I am really nervous about pediatrics since I have not had much experience with sick children, but I am excited to start. If there is anything you can give me...

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Nov 10 149 views

How to get noticed by colleges?

How do i get colleges to notice me in a small, lesser known school

Juliannis’s Avatar
Juliannis Nov 18 75 views

How do I make sure the career I'm choosing is the correct one?

I'm currently 17 and I'm a senior in high school, but I'm finding it difficult to pick a career choice mostly because after I invest money into that career what if I decide 2 months in, that's it's not for me. Then what do I do? How do I make sure that I pick a career choice that goes with me,...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Nov 10 139 views

What can I do to be successful in Elementary Education?

I am currently a senior in highschool, looking to major in Elementary-Education. Is there any helpful tips to be successful in that major, or any recommendations of the job it's self?

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Nov 10 203 views

What is the hardest thing about becoming an accounting major?

Accounting major?

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Nov 10 169 views

How do I know what Scholarships I've won?

How do I know which scholarships I have been chosen for? I've applied to so many on multiple websites, how do I know if and when I am awarded one?

Brenna’s Avatar
Brenna Nov 10 98 views

How should I get involved in political campaigns when I get to college?

How should I get involved in political campaigns when I get to college. I am a senior in high school and I am looking to pursue the political science field and want to become a lawyer. I love my AP Government class and learning about our history and the Constitution.

Dayalis’s Avatar
Dayalis Nov 08, 2019 477 views

What is web accessibility?

#technology #networking #web-development

Aislin’s Avatar
Aislin Nov 10 25 views

College Activities?

How does college life differ at big schools compared to smaller schools?

Omar’s Avatar
Omar Nov 08, 2019 538 views

Do you work in groups or by yourself?

#data scientist #it #technology

Junior’s Avatar
Junior Sep 20 241 views

What methods did you use/or use to memorize certain information?

This is for studying and for exams and questions.

Abhijith’s Avatar
Abhijith Oct 28 38 views

Classes for BME?

What classes are required for biomedical engineering in college that I can take in High school?

aniyah’s Avatar
aniyah Nov 08, 2019 228 views

what is a day to day schedule for a robotic engineer

#engineering #engineer #technology

Tamara’s Avatar
Tamara Mar 26, 2014 1043 views

Compensation For Tecahers

What is the starting salary for high school teachers who work in the public school system ? #teaching #teacher #high-school

Javier’s Avatar
Javier May 27, 2016 720 views

What Is the average day of someone in the computer engineering, or scientist, space?

As I continue to decided what I want to do with my future career, I think of how the average work day is for each career. What are the average work hours? The average pay? The average amount of projects being worked on? etc. #computer-science #career #computer #technology #computer-engineering

Javier’s Avatar
Javier May 27, 2016 916 views

What are the most notable skills to have in the computer engineering space?

As a computer engineer, I am trying to utilize as many skills needed for the job. As I'm sure, being good at multi-tasking is essential, alongside focus and motivation/dedication to get the job done. However, what are some other notable skills needed in this space? #computer-science #computer...

Stanley’s Avatar
Stanley Sep 30, 2019 405 views

What are the benefits of working in the computer industry?

#computer #computer-engineering #technology #computer-science #engineering

Jeremy’s Avatar
Jeremy Aug 21, 2019 314 views

What are some different types of work that involves electricity and working with computers?

I like working with computers, fixing things and learning new things everyday. #computer-science #computer-science

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 06 508 views

Is college generally more laid back than high school?

I've heard that college is a lot less stressful and 'fast-paced' in comparison to high school. Is this true?

Joan’s Avatar
Joan Nov 12, 2019 422 views

What is your favorite part about working as a hardware engineer.

#IT # #engineering #engineer #computer-engineering #hardware #hardwareengineer #industrial-engineering

Shennaz’s Avatar
Shennaz Oct 11, 2018 340 views

I am looking for information about Career Village scholarships. Please direct me to the relevant web page.

Information from the College Board scholarships list #scholarship directed me to your website.

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 08 275 views

How do I establish self-discipline?

I tend to procrastinate a lot and be very lazy. I want to peruse medical school but have currently hit a wall. What do I do?

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Oct 31, 2018 421 views

Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthesiologists?

which field is more likely to have open positions? #nurse #nurse-practitioner #nursing

Drakena’s Avatar
Drakena May 16, 2016 831 views

With Communication Mediums Changing So Rapidly, Do You Believe College Will Be Needed In A Centruy From Now?

I am a communication studies major and I am aware on how fast websites like social media and blogs come and go in this time of age. They all have some affect on our lifestyles. Now that college is becoming so expensive and they are not giving out as much financial aid as they used to. Are...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jul 20, 2020 396 views

What do you wish you accomplished in college that you didn't?

#JULY20 #college

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Mar 17, 2015 931 views

If you have gone to a different school than your friends, was it difficult finding new people to hang out with?

Most of the schools I applied to differ greatly from the ones my friends picked. #college #friends

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 06 1215 views

When should I get a credit card/debit card? Whats the difference?

A confused high school student :')

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