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Mesquite, Nevada

Within 40 mile radius
Hank’s Avatar
Hank Sep 06, 2023 338 views

What jobs should I look into or consider as I get older?

Should I work for a small business or a large one?

Hayden’s Avatar
Hayden Aug 22, 2023 316 views

How do I prepare for college ?

How can I start preparing for law school in high school

Drew’s Avatar
Drew Jun 30, 2023 338 views

What steps to take during undergrad to succeed in med school applications later?

I am a new college freshman and am fairly certain about going to medical school. I need tips on what to do now to make applications easier down the line.

Myles’s Avatar
Myles Aug 27, 2018 423 views

How long should it take to become a Physician?

I am majoring in Sports Management and Athletics, how many years would it take?


Chalee’s Avatar
Chalee May 10, 2018 720 views

Are there any colleges that do not allow sandals?

They’re comfortable !!! I really enjoy being comfortable while sitting in a classroom all day! #college-selection #college-life

Chalee’s Avatar
Chalee May 10, 2018 871 views

How can I take online college classes while in highschool?

So that I can do it as soon as possible because I want to get a job with my dream job of being a pediatric nurse and save money to travel while I’m still young!! #online-learning #online-college #e-learning #distance-learning #pediatricnurse #nursing

Tayden’s Avatar
Tayden Sep 01, 2017 1096 views

Whats the best pathway to take?

I'm planning on going to Dixie state and i hope my credits transfer to BYU but im planning on getting a bachelors in business. I will start it at Dixie and finish at BYU. Is this a smart decision? #higher-education

Ariel’s Avatar
Ariel Oct 19, 2016 1124 views

Is it best to take the path of Business Cyber Security or under Computer Science Cyber Security?

During a college visit at UTSA, one element of cyber security was under the umbrella of the School of Business. The other was under the umbrella of Computer Sciene. Which would you recommend as the best path to follow? #business #science #computer #security #cyber

Ariel’s Avatar
Ariel Oct 19, 2016 1357 views

I want to be a cyber security guru, however; the cost of tuition is extravagant. How did you avoid becoming discouraged?

I have pretty much settled on 3 universities that I am very interested in attending. Each one is more expensive than the other. My parents cannot afford to pay the $200,000 tuition costs. The underpriviledged have federal aid and grants that do not have to be repaid. The wealthy have deep...

Ellena’s Avatar
Ellena May 24, 2016 737 views

Where can I intern to prepare for a post-secondary teaching career?

I realize that being a college professor requires a lot of experience and I would like to accomplish that by interning somewhere or for someone that can prepare me for this career. #professor #intern

Ellena’s Avatar
Ellena May 24, 2016 950 views

What college electives would be beneficial to me if I want to be a post-secondary teacher?

I aspire to be a college professor, which I realized requires much dedication and time, all that I am willing to put in. I want to know what electives I should take or perhaps campus jobs that would help prepare me for this career. #professor #jobs #electives #teaching #university-teaching...

Ana’s Avatar
Ana May 06, 2016 1092 views

What CEO works with patient satisfaction in the medical field ?

I love having that patient interaction. I love it so much that i decided to set it as my ultimate long term goal;. I was wondering what kind of CEO works with patient satisfaction, what is the name of this career. #career #nursing #hospital #ceo #career-goals #long-term-care #patient-safety

Ana’s Avatar
Ana May 06, 2016 2286 views

What is a good minor to have if majoring in nursing ?

I am majoring in nursing, was hoping to minor in something that will aid in my emergency room nursing career #college #career #nursing #major #college-minor #future #emergency-medicine #emergency-room

Yasmine’s Avatar
Yasmine Nov 20, 2015 1302 views

brand manager

What advice can you give me about this job?

Yasmine’s Avatar
Yasmine Nov 20, 2015 1267 views

How am i able to start my own business?

I'm asking this because someday i want to open my own buisness. #entrepreneurship

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