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Pleasant Hill, Missouri

Within 40 mile radius
Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Jun 07, 2023 571 views

What jobs are available in the communications field?

I know I want to study communications in college; I'm the communications lead for my robotics team and want to further that knowledge. I'm just not sure what's available to me after college.

Jay’s Avatar
Jay May 28, 2023 328 views

How do I be successfully when I'm being pressured?

Don't really wanna go to college but I have to

Mathew’s Avatar
Mathew May 26, 2023 371 views

What would be the best career path for me?

What career path would best suit me, and what would I be happiest in

Jaila’s Avatar
Jaila May 13, 2023 232 views

How do i become a vet or work in the biology field?

Since i’ve been little i always wanted to be a vet but now that i still want to, i realized i don’t know where to start. Just in case i have always been good in biology and would use it as a second option. So what does it take and how do i start?

Alysa’s Avatar
Alysa Apr 14, 2023 416 views

What does the daily life appear to be in forensic science?

I'd like to be a forensic scientist in the near future, so pertaining to that subject, what does daily life look like? Is it as hands on as one would hope it to be?

Jasmin’s Avatar
Jasmin Dec 02, 2022 369 views

Where do I start being successful?

I. I love any type of art
2. probably be an interior designer or Art teacher
3. My favorite color is yellow

kayleigh’s Avatar
kayleigh Apr 13, 2022 514 views

how do you deal with someone who is angry

things you do

Sandra’s Avatar
Sandra Apr 11, 2022 1074 views

What are the skills, training or certificates needed to be a physical therapist?

I am interested in physical therapy and would like to know more about it.

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Apr 11, 2022 344 views

i have a question for writers who have published work - what were some challenges that you faced during the process of becoming a writer and publishing your own work and what advice would you give to someone who wishes to become a writer? also have another question for artistic people who make art expressing their work through sculptures or paintings or drawings - what made you want to take this career path and how hard has it been? and do you feel like people don't appreciate art enough in our communities and also what advice do you have for someone who wants to become an artist?

i am really passionate about writing and all forms of art. i struggle a little bit because i feel like i want to do so many things but feeling like i won't be able to do all of those things if i just stick to one career path , so i just want some advice to better help me who's a junior in...

Laura’s Avatar
Laura Apr 11, 2022 674 views

When becoming a public relations specialist, what are companies or businesses looking for?

I came across the career in public relations and it piqued my interest. I would like to know what exactly pr has to do or can do.

Luis’s Avatar
Luis Apr 11, 2022 446 views

What was the hardest part about becoming a Chef?

Please don't be afraid to go into detail with this question, i wanna know as much as i can from actual professionals.

liliana’s Avatar
liliana Apr 08, 2022 442 views

what are some difficulties you have come across during your years in a veterinary school?

#veterinarian #animals

Sandra’s Avatar
Sandra Apr 08, 2022 568 views

Do you enjoy working in film?

I am looking into studying something in film, but I am not sure.

Sandra’s Avatar
Sandra Apr 08, 2022 675 views

What made you want to become a Physical Therapist?

I am considering studying Physical Therapy and want to know more about it.

henry’s Avatar
henry Apr 08, 2022 670 views

How hard is it to make it to the MLS?

Is money the only way to make it? What do you have to do in order for the MLS coaches to take you?

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