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Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

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Aleecia’s Avatar
Aleecia Aug 23, 2023 342 views

How to start my career?

How to start my career

Ridwan’s Avatar
Ridwan Feb 17, 2023 520 views

what do I need to know as a data scientist?

I am an Msc student in data science and artificial intelligence. I had no previous background in programming hence I find it difficult to cope.

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Oct 31, 2022 564 views

How to effectively manage transition to computing?

Hi, As a student of a conversion master's degree in Computing, I am struggling to understand how to plan the transition in my career efficiently. I would appreciate advise in the topic. I studied Business for my bachelor's degree and have two years of work experience in global marketing, now...

Juliet’s Avatar
Juliet Oct 10, 2022 437 views

Finding a niche?

How do you find a niche in art? I'm a multi-disciplinary art student at uni and use lots of mediums but am finding it hard to find a direction in starting a career. My tutors encourage finding a niche but I'm interested in so many things and mediums!

hermione’s Avatar
hermione Dec 17, 2021 622 views

I'm not sure what sector of work to go into, or what type of jobs to apply to

I'm currently in third year studying economics, which i love however i dont want to go down the path most do with economics because i dont enjoy the maths side as much, which leads me confused on where i should go next #university #economics

Harsha’s Avatar
Harsha Jan 05, 2021 362 views

Does any one know to get a HND online? Stuck in home and need to learn something. HND related to Software or Digital Marketing

#careers #career

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HX May 14, 2020 1168 views

I want to become an actress and a barrister, but don't quite know how to pursue both careers at the same time and what to do to succeed in both fields.

I live in the UK and am aspiring to be an actress, which has been a dream of mine since i was younger all while becoming a barrister (which has been my parents' dream that i want to fulfil for them) Im currently 15, turning 16 and really don't know what to do. I've taken up many school...

Laiba’s Avatar
Laiba Apr 15, 2020 799 views

In a networking session, how do I act natural?

I'm really a cold and mysterious individual which means I tend to keep everything short and precise. This often results in people avoiding me which results in me not being able to express my ideas and views fully or even approach anyone.

#antisocial #networking

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katie Apr 13, 2020 675 views

what should i do

as a little girl i have always loved singing dancing and performing but 4 years ago i took a real interest into politics and law and from then till now i was going to finish school and go to law school and study law and become a lawyer ,but recently i have been really doubting my decision...

Charlie’s Avatar
Charlie Jan 06, 2020 1240 views

Should I minor in HR Management with a major in Chemistry

I'm an undergrad Chemistry freshman with multiple interests, from IT to music to business to astronomy and of course chemistry :) My questions are for anyone to answer. It will definitely help me make the best decisions. \m/ #chemistry #college #college-major #management #college-minor...

Safia’s Avatar
Safia Jan 31, 2019 747 views

Do you have to do graphics GCSE to be an interior designer


Libby’s Avatar
Libby Jan 29, 2019 640 views

Do you have to be smart to become a pediatrition

I love kids and want to be a pediatrition but I’m not sure wheather I’m smart enough to be one ? #medicine

Owen’s Avatar
Owen Apr 10, 2017 1580 views

Which careers will allow me to travel the world?

I am a college student, living in a small town and never really going out of this small town. One of my biggest aspirations is being able to wear a suit, fly first class, work with new people in brand new locations. #business #career #job-search #travel #international-experience

Georgia’s Avatar
Georgia Feb 02, 2017 916 views

What time of year do most graduate job applications close?

Obviously I am aware it varies but is there a certain time slot throughout the year where most graduate job applications are open? When do they typically start to close? #job #graduate #job-search #first-job #graduate-recruitment #job-search-strategies

Georgia’s Avatar
Georgia Feb 01, 2017 1378 views

Are there any online resources that can aid me in deciding a career, or field or job?

I was wondering if there is any online help in deciding what to do in the future after studying, or to help decide what further studies I want to go into? #career #career-counseling #career-choice #career-path #job-search #career-paths #job-search-strategies #job-searching

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