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Jordan D. May 25, 2016 653 views

What technologies are required for architecture or interior design in this day and age?

Given my interest in architecture and becoming an architect, I want to learn how to become well-versed in the realm of the field. #technology #architecture #architect #interior-design #knowledge #interior...


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Hadassah-Beulah D. May 24, 2016 525 views

What is the market outlook for a textile designer that works for a company? ( Either for a fashion related company, things within the home such as a company for interior decoratoring/ design, or really any company related to the production of textiles)

Well I would like to be a textile designer and I've done a lot of research on it. However it can be sometimes difficult to find information on it as textile design is not one of the first things people think of for a career. So I thought it would be beneficial for me to try this website....

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Joanne P. May 24, 2016 526 views
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Kayla T. May 21, 2016 631 views

Do you have to memorize color pallets for interior design?

I am asking this because I feel knowing color pallets would be helpful and important. If so I should start memorizing them now....


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Maggie G. May 19, 2016 759 views

As an interior designer, are the projects that people come to you for more free range or are there more guidelines?

I am going into my junior year as an interior design major. So far our projects have had minor guidelines, but I can pick and design the space how I want. In a real life situation are there more guidelines? Are people more picky, or do they trust your design? #jobs #design #interior-design...

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Mckenzie H. May 19, 2016 669 views

what would be the best field to study if I am going into Interior Design as a career?

I am 18 living in Utah and asking for suggestions for me as I am going into Interior decor. #business #design #interior-design...


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Catherine S. May 18, 2016 921 views

What Career should I have

My teachers are constantly telling me i should know what my career is but i have no clue what i want to do!!! I love georgian houses and interiors of homes but i don't want to be a builder. This is what i am doing for GCSE's: English- I don't enjoy but can do it Maths- Try really hard but...

#interior-design #architecture #marketing

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Grace M. May 17, 2016 610 views

What is the best college to go to that offers both Stereoscopic 3-D and Interior Design?

I want to get a degree in both of these areas, but I don't want to have to go to 2 different art schools... #college #art #interior-design #art-school...


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Nikki S. May 13, 2016 718 views

Is having a wildly different and innovative idea practical in the architecture world? It may seem like an easy question, but are most architectural projects designed to have a "wow factor" or are they just whatever is trending?

I am currently a senior in high school who will be majoring in architecture next year. I've always loved architecture and have wanted to be one since my kindergarten days. I want to know from an actual architect if they have the liberty to design pretty much whatever they want (within...

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Katelin M. May 12, 2016 1445 views

How do you find an internship for Interior Design?

I'm interested in being in an internship during my Senior year in high-school. #business #internship #interior-design...


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Joshua D. May 09, 2016 3059 views

I want to have a business in real estate, yet I also want to be an Anesthesiologist. How can I pursue both at the same time, especially with a demanding major like neuroscience and then medical school?

I really love houses, house plans. designing, home décor, and everything that deals with homes. But i'm also interested and attracted to the medical field. I would love to do both, but feel like I may have to choose one. I love real estate more, but it would require a lot of work and it's not...

#real-estate #home-decor #interior-design #house-plans #medicine #neuroscience #anesthesiology

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Patricia R. Mar 10, 2016 888 views

How can I get a job as a Interior design?

Hello, My name is Patricia I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was wondering how do you get a job as a interior design? What do you got to do to get your future job as Interior Design? #interior-design...


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Samuel.kendall S. Oct 29, 2015 1281 views

what's the best college for interior design?

hi my name is Samuel and I'm in 6th grade and I'm getting started in interior design by making a path. and my question is what is the best college for interior design.? #design #arts #interior-design #furniture...


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Samuel.kendall S. Oct 22, 2015 1068 views

How do you first get started with interior design?

hi my name is Samuel and I am in 6th grade and I am interested in this topic and I want to know how to get started please help by telling me what I need to do to get started (thanks I really need it) #design #interior-design #interior...


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Madison M. Sep 03, 2015 4576 views

Do you have to be good at art to be an Interior Designer?

I'm not an artistic person at all but I enjoy decorating rooms and homes. I am interested in the décor part but not sure about the art part when I start to take classes for the career. So, if you could enlighten me on how artsy you have to be that would very much appreciated....


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Sarah R. Jun 18, 2015 625 views

Are there any colleges that have known good interior design programs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania specifically or even anywhere else?

I am a ninth grader and I am looking into the interior design career and am looking into colleges that have good programs for this field that are known. It would be helpful if it were in Pittsburgh or even in Pennsylvania but if it's anywhere else it's okay too. I am looking for college or...

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Sarah R. Jun 02, 2015 2274 views

Do interior designers make an above average amount of income?

I am a ninth grader and am looking into careers for the future. I want to be an interior designer but I am afraid that the income won't be good enough to live on. I don't want to chose a job based on income but that part of choosing a job worries me and I want to be sure. #interior-design...

#interior #income

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Willy S. May 23, 2015 748 views

How to become a car designer in USA

I mean I'm from Taiwan but I don't have enough money to study abroad, so can anyone tell me how to be a car designer even though my nationality are Taiwan(ROC).By the way,I'm really interested in car and always feel excited about things realated to cars, can anyone support my dream, or tell me...

#architecture #car #automobile #interior-design #designers #automotive-engineer

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Michaela B. Feb 25, 2015 1122 views

How do you know that you're choosing the right career?

I am really interested in interior design but I am afraid that once I get into the industry that I won't like it and will have wasted my time in college. #college-major #career-choice #experience #interior-design...


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Amanda P. Jan 13, 2015 7262 views

Can my Major be completely different than my minor?

I want to major in Business and my minor to be interior designing. I want to be an event planner when I grow up, but also have experience in interior designing to be a stager if that does not follow through. Help! #business #business-management #interior-design #event-planning...