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James R. May 04 117 views

What are some good vacation months for construction management?

I lake to travel when it's hot.

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Andres R. Jan 16, 2018 787 views

What is credit and how do I build good credit?

Going into college you are confronted with lots of ways to pay for tuition, including loans. Typically, everyone is charged around the same interest for their loans because there tends to be little to no credit history among young individuals . I know that this may not be the case for any...

Karla R.’s Avatar
Karla R. Jan 15, 2017 1465 views

How do I get a credit card with no credit history?

I'm a freshman in my second semester of college and I have been looking at credit cards that will help me start a credit history. #finance #credit

Jasmine L.’s Avatar
Jasmine L. Apr 26, 2018 679 views

Can you build up credit without a credit card?

Im too young to apply for a credit card but I know lots of things I would need to apply for (including housing) require credit scores. Can I build a positive credit score without a credit card?
#credit #creditscores #housing #underaged

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David B. May 03 118 views

Software Engineers; How long is your average work day?

I'm just doing some research for a class of mine and i was wondering how long you work each day.

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Janelle H. Jul 26, 2018 554 views

Can my credit score actually affect my getting hired for a job?

How does my credit score affect me in the professional world?

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TyAnna R. Jul 31, 2021 270 views

What is it like owning your own business

#businessowner #business #dance #dancestudio #competition

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Brandi S. Aug 12, 2018 425 views

How can you not be nervous for a test?

What is something you can do to get over test anxiety and to be confident? #testing