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Glenn Fitzgerald

Federal Account Executive (Sales)
Sales and Related Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
Hatboro, Pennsylvania
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Alayshia’s Avatar
Alayshia Oct 12, 2023 368 views

What do I need to look for in a job?

I want to teach but I want to teach English in South Korea. I also want to be an entrepreneur. I want a business of my own. I have many dreams but don’t know which is best.

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Nov 08, 2023 276 views

What jobs except with no diploma?

I am a highschool dropout with 2 1/2 credits and no GED or diploma, what jobs except this circumstance?

Cathryn’s Avatar
Cathryn Oct 26, 2023 293 views

How do I get my business going?

How do I make a lot of money as a teen?

Faisol’s Avatar
Faisol Dec 05, 2023 389 views

How important is programming in cybersecurity?

What is also the best programming language in cybersecurity and what are the applications of programming in cyber-security.

Kendra’s Avatar
Kendra Jan 03, 2022 822 views

If I don't go to college what successful job could I get?

#college #future

salvador’s Avatar
salvador Jan 04, 2022 592 views

How do you make valuable connections in the IT field in order to make progress?

#technology #career

Alanis’s Avatar
Alanis Jan 09, 2022 631 views

Can I have an internship in a tech company being an International relations student?

#internship #business #technology #international-relations #IR #graduate-student #career-advice #techcareer

Sabrina’s Avatar
Sabrina Jan 13, 2022 1409 views

How do I make my job hunt more efficient?

Current Masters of Management graduate student looking to enter marketing industry in an excellent firm located in a big city #management #marketing #career #careersearch #business

Kendra’s Avatar
Kendra Jan 15, 2022 600 views

What is the best way to present myself? Can I integrating my skills into a single profession?

I have a background in healthcare and business management. I partnered with the local DHS office as a benefits counselor. I am community educator and run a small informational co-op on like. I was recently approved as a researcher with our local museum. I am not sure how to combine these into...

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Jan 19, 2022 729 views

What softwares and tools should I be familiar with for Computer Networking?

I am wanting to be a Computer Networking Architect, but am unsure of what softwares and tools I should be familiar with. #computer-software #technology

Eryx’s Avatar
Eryx Sep 09, 2021 398 views

How can I effectively use timing in animation?

I am not sure when a character or object should move in some situations. #animation

Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Sep 14, 2021 382 views

What type of engineering is the most challenging in terms of school?

Engineering is a field I would like to dive into when I am older and I would like to learn more about the different types. #engineering

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Sep 14, 2021 470 views

What are the best coding languages to learn with the highest paying jobs?

#coding #code #software-engineering

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Sep 14, 2021 340 views

What are some careers that are not talked about as much?


Sherry’s Avatar
Sherry Sep 14, 2021 516 views

When did you figure out what you wanted to do as a career?

I'm a senior in high school and I'm interested in a career in the STEM field. #stem