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Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
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Halle-Anna Apr 27, 2023 314 views

Did you change your career path to something completely opposite of what you were planning to at first? What made you realize that your first choice was not for you?

I am about enter my fist year of college to become a RN, however I am aware of the prerequisites that I need to complete starting my first year before I can choose my nursing major. I am worried because I'm not completely sure if I would like to become a nurse. And by the third year of college,...

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Alyssa Apr 19, 2023 588 views

When did you feel like you had a solid direction in life? Career-wise. Or generally??

When did you feel like you had a solid direction in life? Career-wise. Or generally?

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Armine Apr 28, 2023 658 views

When is CPA mandatory?

Do I have to get a CPA certificate to work as an accountant? Are ACCA and CPA certificates interchangeable?

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Patrick Apr 24, 2023 568 views

How can I become better at saving money and not spending it the second its in my hands?

I am a Senior in high school and I want to figure this out before I get thrown out into the real world.

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Ivy Apr 26, 2023 734 views

What should I study in college to become a sports commentator?

I'm in 10th grade and I enjoy watching sports. I keep up pretty well with statistics in the NFL, NBA, college basketball, football and, volleyball. I always listen to the people commentating and I watch the pre and post game interviews.

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Fiona Apr 27, 2023 951 views

How do I make a good impression in an interview?

How do I make a good impression in an interview when I have minimal work experience? I have a very limited resume but I am going to have to enter the job force soon. Alternatively, where can I go that will require minimal experience? on what to include.

Valentina’s Avatar
Valentina Apr 27, 2023 347 views

What are some really important things I can do in high school, that colleges are interested in?

(clubs, community service, etc.)

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Blair Apr 18, 2023 352 views

How do you come across confident to higher ups and not cocky?

I'd like to know the best way to come across to the higher ups at work to become a better employee and to get to the top at my job.

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lia Apr 18, 2023 619 views

How to connect and build your network in college?

I've heard about networking and I know what it is but how do you find the right people to network with? Also, what do you do after like do you write down their info and keep it somewhere safe in case you need it?

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Noah Apr 03, 2023 484 views

What is Return on Investment and how do I do more research about it?

This is something that has been on my mind for a little bit. I heard this is a smart way to make money when you're doing your own business.

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Noah Apr 11, 2023 497 views

What's the most valuable lesson after you graduate college?

this could be in a more general sense, but I just want any answer, this could be more in a philosophical way.

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Justin Apr 12, 2023 1222 views

What requirements do you need for an office job?

What do I have to study?

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Karla Apr 14, 2023 357 views

How do I can apply in a job?

If I am 16 years old and I want my first job, what are some things that I can introduce to my resume? It doesn't matter if I don't have any experience of a job? I want to have a good resume even if I am inexperienced.

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Israel Apr 17, 2023 321 views

What should i invest my money on?

What are some beneficial things that I should invest my money on?

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Lesly Apr 17, 2023 842 views

How can I become better at managing money?

I need different ways of managing money. I'm trying to start to save up for college but my money management is TERRIBLE.