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Shaina Jun 10 194 views

How do you foster creativity?

How do you come up with creative and juicy ideas right off the bat? I am having a hard time researching ideas with AI and referencing other sites but some people just thought of it fast!! I read a lot of materials from time to time but these people are just on another level of creativity and...

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Caylah Jun 02 187 views

What is the best way to start a business?

I want to start a business

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Ayla Jun 05 303 views

How do I find my first job?

Where to apply, how to apply, advice on finding internships that fit my career goal.

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kiana May 05 109 views

what's the most fulfilling part about having a career in business ?

while there's many perks to having a career in business i wish to know what has to be the overall best perk yet

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Alem May 10 100 views

what is a common problem E-commerce brand face?

I want to know from E-commerce brand owners what problems they faced and what problems they are facing now.

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Bella May 30 255 views

How do you turn an in home bakery into a real bakery?

I am in 8th grade. I have recently started a cookie cake business, Bella's Custom Cookie Cakes. I am currently baking cakes in my house. In the future, I would like to have a bakery. What steps should I take to grow my business?

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Tyriq May 09 139 views

Discuss the pros and cons of business marketing.

Tyriq, age 19

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Tahjey May 05 148 views

business management

What are the pros and cons of going down the business management path?

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Cece May 23 131 views

Do you have any tips on how to start an entrepeneurship?

I'm just really curious and want to start one.

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Jason May 08 147 views

How do you respond to interview questions?

I've been struggling on how to respond to questions during interviews such as "why us," "where do you see yourself in the future," "how does this job fit within your goals," etc.
Any help?

Jerry’s Avatar
Jerry May 08 142 views

Chefs: what are the requirements for beginners to start cooking?

what are the steps for a beginners?

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Alice May 19 195 views

How are college courses prioritized?

I was initially under the impression you can just go to college and focus on your major + a few other classes. I plan on majoring in fine arts. Is it mandatory that I complete other core class subjects prior to actually getting to take an art class? Can I even expect to touch a paint brush...