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Aliah’s Avatar
Aliah Jan 21 792 views

How to become good artist?

Can you become a game artist? I mean like how do you do it if you were to? Do you enjoy your job?

Anusha’s Avatar
Anusha Jan 22 718 views

What is important for a counselor?

I am in 12th grade and want to become a counselor

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna May 12, 2023 241 views

Why should I wait till I get tenure to get my doctorate in education?

People are telling me this, but I don't know if I should or not...

Corina’s Avatar
Corina Aug 18, 2023 297 views

How do I know which career I want?

I think I want architecture but I'm not sure,

Reece’s Avatar
Reece Aug 18, 2023 347 views

How do you balance a hobby you love with a career that can support you?

I am about to be a junior at a High school in New York, and most people are expecting me to know what I want my future career path to be. However, for the longest time, I have been on the fence on what I should be doing because the career path I want isn't the most guaranteed to give me a...

Jaquelin’s Avatar
Jaquelin Aug 17, 2023 322 views

What are helpful courses for the career of engineering?

What are helpful courses for engineering

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Feb 08, 2023 1281 views

What is your best advice for interviews?

Tips, answers to difficult questions, etc.

Leiya’s Avatar
Leiya Jul 18, 2023 365 views

In what ways could I get nursing internships Are there any tips for interviews, internships, or answering interview questions for any job?

I'm in the 12th grade and about to graduate. I'm looking to gain experience.

Jakob’s Avatar
Jakob Feb 14, 2023 530 views

Why do people go to collage?

People go to collage fr a lot of diffrent reasons. Is there one reason that is far more valued than all of the others. Sometimes people go because of the job they want to do later.

Olivianna’s Avatar
Olivianna Jul 30, 2023 2024 views

Why do we need to get jobs?

Why do we need to have the jobs that make us so sad and confused?

Frank’s Avatar
Frank Jul 03, 2023 257 views

How do I know what I do will be what I want in the future?

How do I know that what I chose will be what I want in the future, and if I don't end up liking it, is it possible to change what you are already doing and go into something different?

Sai’s Avatar
Sai Apr 16, 2016 6550 views

what is system hardware

i want be a hardware engineer #computer #computer-hardware #hardware-engineer

peter’s Avatar
peter Jul 03, 2023 345 views

What need to do and learn to become a Hardware engineer???

I am very passionate about computer hardware engineer but I don't know where to start and what to learn or what knowledge I need to learn

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Jun 19, 2023 160 views

Even if my strengths don't align with the job I want to have, will I still be successful? #spring23

Hello! My name is Sam, and I want to be a neurologist because I want to contribute more to the field through discoveries. However, my areas of strength lie in the arts. I want to know if this is truly the correct job for me in order to achieve success and happiness.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jun 19, 2023 253 views

How can I narrow down all the career paths I am interested in?

There are a lot of things I want to find more about, but am not sure where to start! I have gotten some experimenting and knowledge through school clubs and asking family members about their jobs, and have signed up for one job shadow. But there aren’t many job shadows around me and I’m not...