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Sam Apr 12 298 views

What is the best way to start getting experience in IT?

Not sure if it's important, but I want add I'm currently working towards the CompTIA A+ certification.

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus Apr 12 313 views

how to get a scholarship for my studies?

i need scholarships for my studies

Adekunle’s Avatar
Adekunle Apr 12 274 views

What should i consider when choosing career?

Career in life as a prerequisite stage

Khiar’s Avatar
Khiar Apr 12 327 views

How do I ensure a path into a successful and stable career?

Considering factors such as skill development, industry trends, and long-term growth, how can I navigate my professional journey effectively?"

Joyce’s Avatar
Joyce Dec 25, 2023 478 views

How can I be successful in my career?

I need help

mav’s Avatar
mav Dec 23, 2023 821 views

How would I write a good resume?

I don't know how to phrase it

Jolene’s Avatar
Jolene Nov 06, 2023 463 views

What sort of things should you NOT disclose in job applications?

For example, should you disclose medical conditions?
Degrees that are unrelated to the job?
Experience that may make you seem overqualified?

eva’s Avatar
eva Nov 06, 2023 414 views

What is Psychiatry like?

Why or why not would you recommend psychiatry as a career? Is it worth it? What is working like? Is there any way to get rid of student debt for the future?

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Nov 07, 2023 395 views

How can I find the right job for me when I have so many interest?

I like many things and want to try new things. But at one point I'm going to need to settle. How can I look for a job if i have no clue what I even want?

Kiara’s Avatar
Kiara Aug 16, 2018 703 views

What are the most competitive Finance Internships in America?

I would like to start applying to internships but I want to make it worth my while. Which internships will stand out on a CV or lead to a potential job in Finance?

#internships #jobs #resume #finance #competitive

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Jul 08, 2023 664 views

How would one start to apply for grants and scholarships and where?

websites or things I might need to do this

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Jul 09, 2023 274 views

When is a good time to look at college's?

I don't know when it is appropriate to start looking at college's.

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Mar 25, 2018 7151 views

Are there jobs in the Hospitality Management field that don't require working weekends?

I have worked in the Hospitality field for many years. However, the majority of my time worked has taken place on the weekends. I know that I want to have a family, and I don't want to be working on weekends. #family #hospitality #hospitality-management #undecided #need-this-scholarship #broke...

jaim’s Avatar
jaim Jul 09, 2023 267 views

Why do colleges need GPA

Why is college so competitive using gpa and sat and say why do we need these things to make it competitive and what is the main reason why colleges need it

jojn’s Avatar
jojn Jul 06, 2023 410 views

how do i know when to get a job?

how do i know when i'm ready to get a job because i really want to work but idk when i'm ready for it