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Management Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
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iyana Sep 29, 2023 320 views

Best way to take notes for class?

Hey, it can be challenging to focus in class and take notes; so what are some effective note-taking strategies?

Brody’s Avatar
Brody Sep 26, 2023 380 views

What am I doing wrong when trying to get a job?

I've been trying to get a job but business never respond back to me. What am I doing wrong? I've been using LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter.


Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus Sep 27, 2023 222 views

Would having transferrable credits from a community college be useful if I'm on the fence about going to a 4 year college?

I heard about college credits from community colleges that people can transfer over to a 4 year college to save money in the long run. I'm not really sure if I want to attend a 4 year college but would it be good to have transferrable credits just in case I make the decision to attend a 4 year...

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Sep 27, 2023 328 views

Which college has the best acting/theatre department?

I don't think I have asked this question, but I know I have said that I want to be an actress, but I don't know which college has the best department. I want to go to a good but cheap college because my family doesn't make a whole lot of money.

Geo’s Avatar
Geo Sep 27, 2023 263 views

When should I start college searching?

Im a junior and I feel like I should have a better idea about college and majors, and I really don’t. How do I know what to look for in a college?

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Sep 28, 2023 449 views

Can I start my career while still in college?

When should I start my career? I want to finish my associates degree and then go to a university but should I start my career while in school or wait until I’m done with college?

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Sep 28, 2023 493 views

Photography, side, hustles, or career advice?

Do you think photography is a good side hustle and when do you think I should start it for a good career field?

Veronica’s Avatar
Veronica Sep 21, 2023 300 views

What is the best way to be responsible with money?

I am driving now and have to pay for gas. But I like shopping online and going through fast food places. How do I discipline myself so I have money for gas and extra money for spending how I want?

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Sep 22, 2023 260 views

What classes do you have to take in collage?

I’m in 6th grade and idk I just wanna know so I can be prepared

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Sep 22, 2023 282 views

Why is college so hard?

Why is college so hard

kira’s Avatar
kira Sep 22, 2023 1978 views

what is the best degree to get if i would like to be a personal trainer ?

i would like to be a personal trainer when i am ready to have a job and take over my familys gym however i would still like to go to collage and for that i am coursius what the best major/degree is to work in that field

mario’s Avatar
mario Sep 15, 2023 268 views

how long did it take you to get where your at today?

how long will the whole process take

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Sep 13, 2023 358 views

How do I decide what to do with my degree?

I am a fourth-year economics major and I am about to graduate in the Spring. My question is, how does one begin to figure out exactly what they want to do with their degree? I know I enjoy economics but there seems to be a million different things you can do with it. I just don't know where to...

Yogita’s Avatar
Yogita Sep 14, 2023 260 views

Is interior designing a good career option for me when I am not good at art and creativity?

I really want to become a commercial pilot but before that I want to a get a college degree. I have mathematics , physics , chemistry and english as main subjects. Economics is my optional subject. I really don't know which degree to opt for??

Lili’s Avatar
Lili Sep 13, 2023 315 views

How can I find the right career?

How can I find the right career for me before school ends. I like many things like sports, music, and