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Andrew Apr 29 395 views

Should I attend Northeastern University or a cheaper state school?

For context, my parents are insistent that I go to Northeastern University, as they're obsessed with acceptance rates. It's 34,000 without federal loans, which is quite outrageous as we are broke. They're insistent that they are able to afford it yet even if were not, I'd rather not spend that...

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Marc Apr 29 221 views

i am really trying to settle and have a say in my life but it been hard for me because i dont fully understand what career to settle for ?

i feel like i am racking my brain too hard

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Fred Apr 26 415 views

How do you become a pro in your career and stand out and succeed?

Becoming better more in your career and knowing how to push forward

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Marie Apr 24 313 views

What careers would allow me to create something that will change the world?

I'm interested in math and science, but love writing and traveling. I don't like jobs that are not hands-on, or that are lifeless - in other words, jobs like mechanical engineering or computer science which don't deal with life. I want to get out of "the matrix", but I can't for the life of me...

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John Apr 23 351 views

What are the benefits of the navy?

The money and insurance benefits

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Nabeel Apr 23 539 views

What are some things I should do when I start college?

I feel like I need to know a few things to help me get started

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Anie Apr 11 417 views

How to know what major to go in?

Hi, I'm Annie, and I’m looking for a way to know what career to choose after high school

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tracy Apr 11 519 views

How does one start their own company?

What steps should be taken

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brendon Mar 26 364 views

What is the most dangerous thing about working in the construction field?

I am researching the construction field

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jasmin Mar 26 514 views

wha are some good tips on writing a college essay??

im a junior in high school but i would like to know how i can prepare myself for my college application.

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Liton Mar 07 529 views

what is time management?

how to change my life?

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William Mar 07 599 views

What is career village actually do?

What si career village ??

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victoria Mar 04 478 views

Will I be comfortable in an Administrative Assistant job?

Will I be recognized for my hard work and given the right tools to do my job correctly?

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Destiny Dec 18, 2023 1344 views

What should I do if I'm scared of debt in college?

What should I do if I'm afraid of putting myself in debt for college, and am considering not pursuing my dream career because of it?

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Kathryn Dec 04, 2023 472 views

What school is best?

What school is best?