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Henry May 09 269 views

How do I stay on my career path with a clear direction?

How do I stay on my career path with a clear direction

winfred’s Avatar
winfred May 09 359 views

what age to start a job after high school?

good job for the youth

Hayden’s Avatar
Hayden May 09 232 views

What are some skills that aren't necessarily needed but will help you a lot in Digital interface designing ?

My name is Hayden And I'm in 8th grade, i just want to get some more information about being a digital interface designer.

Billy’s Avatar
Billy May 09 278 views

How do i stay inspired?

I'm in the 11th grade and i want to go into business after college. How do i stay consistent?

Rudolph’s Avatar
Rudolph May 03 390 views

can i learn new language on youtube or online?

can i learn new language on youtube or online?

Hareem’s Avatar
Hareem Apr 24 339 views

What are some tips/tricks for interns to avoid feeling imposter syndrome at their workplace? #Spring24

I am a junior MIS student at UH looking forward to starting my ITPM internship this summer. I am trying to prepare myself mentally for this role and want to make the most out of it without getting caught up in feeling like an imposter or not fit for the role.

Arianna’s Avatar
Arianna Apr 19 303 views

What discrimination have you dealt with well in the stem field?

Have you ever had to deal with discrimination because of your race or gender?

Jaylynn’s Avatar
Jaylynn Apr 01 366 views

Could you describe one of your typical workdays?

What are some of the different things you usually do throughout the day ? Do you feel like this role gets intense sometimes? What is your go-to strategy if your stuck somewhere on something?

Kamogelo’s Avatar
Kamogelo Mar 21 648 views

Tell us about a project or experience that truly ignited your passion and how did it shape your skills

Tell us about a project or experience that truly ignited your passion and how did it shape your skills

Janet’s Avatar
Janet Mar 15 620 views

How can you overcome challenges ?

What leads to success

Brillith’s Avatar
Brillith Mar 11 512 views

Should I change my Major in my senior year from Marketing to Supply Chain Management?

I am currently a senior majoring in marketing and I found myself being unsure about my major and wishing to change it to supply chain management. I am thinking about making this switch as it appears that supply chain will give me more job stability in the future. I am 21 with no debt and would...

Sima’s Avatar
Sima Feb 22 846 views

Can I work in corporate as a psychology-neuroscience graduate?

What are the possibilities of working in a corporate job with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Neuroscience (double-major)?
As far as i've seen, all of the job opportunities in this field take place in laboratories, research centers or educational institutions.

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jan 05 2009 views

How do you find a lifelong career that you will love and be passionate about?

I'm still young, in my early twenties asking for advice or helpful insight on finding the right path for me. I'm currently enrolled in a Jobcorps Center and am pursuing Pharmacy technician and or other trade work training. I have several small interests that I enjoy but none that I feel...

Corey’s Avatar
Corey Dec 13, 2023 376 views

How do you start looking for a career?

First, you want to think to yourself on what you want to do in life. Where do you see yourself in 30 years from now? In business? In law? Fashion maybe? Then you want to search into the profession and maybe pursue it in college.

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Dec 22, 2023 1251 views

How do I make myself stand out when looking for a business management job?

I think I may go to college whenever I get a baseball scholarship to! The college must have some sort of business degree!