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Louis’s Avatar
Louis May 30 392 views

I am interested in video editing and Photography. Where is the best place to start exploring?

I am very interested in becoming a photographer.

Molly’s Avatar
Molly May 11 412 views

What is the going rate for photographers these days ?

What is the going rate that photographers charge these days if you are just beginning to start your photography business and I guess it depends on the kind as well?

Yul’s Avatar
Yul May 08 302 views

How can I find a part time photography job while attending college?

How can I find a part time photography job while attending college?

G’s Avatar
G Apr 20 536 views

where should i start to get into the film industry?

please help

Hinn’s Avatar
Hinn Apr 14 266 views

How do i get into journalism school ?

How do i get into a journalism school?
I'm an eleventh grader and I'm really passionate about journalism and broadcast journalism. I'm active in my schools journalism club ,debate and i also participate in writing contests.
Looking forward to your reply .

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Mar 25 328 views

Do Producers and Directors work with Video and Film Editors?

Is becoming a FIlm & Video Editors hard to become in the future?

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Mar 23 473 views

What is the best path I would need to go after to become a Photographer Or Videographer ?

I've been doing wildlife photography and making my own videos on YouTube and Instagram. I have started a business but would like to work for a company or people. I applied for video productions this fall, but would like to find photography jobs beforehand that I can have experience in doing...

Georgia’s Avatar
Georgia Mar 08 1018 views

How often do you work on creating a Movie, Musical, Play or Tv Show? Late Nights, Early Mornings? How much money does it take and how much do you make based off of when people see the movies?

I'm looking for answers for a Career Project. Any and all answers are great. Thanks so much!

Georgia’s Avatar
Georgia Mar 07 727 views

What is Cinematography and how is it to be a Flim Director?

I am interested in speaking to a Film, TV Show, or Musical Director. What is your job like and how can you tell me more about it?

AMYT’s Avatar
AMYT Mar 06 521 views

How do people find connections in order to work in the Youtube industry for creators?

i really love watching youtube and want to be on a team to help youtubers film and make content. i love anything with content creation