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Answer to: Is it bad to change your majors even if it lands in the same category?

Most people are study a particular major in school and then work in a totally different field once they enter the job market. The most important part of college is completing that degree and then making a career choice once you enter the job market. You may find out that a particular career...

Answer to: When employers list a specific GPA requirement, is it final?

I would still apply to the openings and unless the GPA is required for submission of the application I will not input that info. I will however have a transcript handy so that you can show where your skills sets are in terms of a match with the...

Answer to: Will it be worth the time?

If you are referring to College - it is never a waste of time. The more knowledge you are acquire the more marketable you make...

Answer to: I have few questions to ask.

While grades are important. You can also take courses at a community college to improve your grades and then seek acceptance into a school with a good educational curriculum. Do not be deter if your grades are not where they should...

Answer to: How difficult is it to find a job as a engineer straight out of college

Schools usually have great partnerships with different type of employment (in this case engineering). If you work with the resources available in your school you should be able to find employment rather quickly. Reach out to your school resources for help in identifying companies that are...

Answer to: Any advice for undecided majors?

Your choice of major does not mean that you have to work in a certain career. It is merely the choice of degree that that you want to pursue. A college degree will allow you to apply to many different jobs outside of your major. It may require starting at an entry level position but it...

Answer to: I am very new in my new career (I am changing it at 40). My networking is really involving only one company. How do I expand my network to get more job opportunities that are not necessarily in my field of choice, but will benefit?

One option that may be of help is volunteering, especially in the your new career area. This will allow to both learn about your new career while creating new networks for you to work with in the...

Answer to: What are methods to changing careers smoothly?

Volunteering would be a good route to take. It will allow you to get a good feel in that industry and allow you to learn more about it before making a full commitment to...

Answer to: How often does one relocate for jobs?

Some people relocate by choice and other choose relocation as part of their career growth. Depending where you live and the kind of work you want to do, you may need to...

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