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Sri Athithya Kruth Babu

Network Engineer
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Nessa Sep 06, 2019 579 views

Does your work affect your personal lifestyle?

#Medical #RadiologyTech #PharmacyTech #Engineering #AviationInspec

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Jan 19, 2018 1187 views

What are tips to avoid distractions?

I am not very socially outgoing, but I have a hard time doing #homework and #essays when I have a fun #book and plenty to read that is not in relation to my classes. I need to find a way to #stop reading so much and start #focusing on my #school

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Feb 10, 2018 1861 views

Tips for surviving bad classes and/or horrible teachers?

I'm open to answers from both fellow students and former students for this question! I'm currently taking a literature class, and I absolutely love it, but that's in regards to all the novels on our reading syllabus being outstanding reads and my own innate passion for literature. When it comes...

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Mar 12, 2017 5532 views

What is the 1 book you would suggest everyone reads in their lifetime?

I'm making it a personal goal to read for 30 minutes daily again, and am looking for some quality material. Anything related to science, technology, or woman's history are very interesting to me. #college #engineering #science #technology #tech #women-in-tech #reading #women-in-engineering #books

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Izabella Feb 11, 2019 1912 views

What is a day like in the computer networking field?

#Technology #ComputerNetworkAssistant #Network

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Candace Apr 13, 2019 735 views

How do I become a data scientist? Should I join Kaggle?

How many people here are on the site because you're doing the Kaggle competition? Curious as to what cities you're from and how your profession was impacted by your college major. #college #college-major #college-major #science #undecided

Jeremiah’s Avatar
Jeremiah May 03, 2019 963 views

What are the educational requirements to become a programmer?

What colleges/courses do I need to take to become a professioal programmer?

#programming #technology #college #computer