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M.Ed. (TESOL)., Online Remote Adult Education Teacher, Educator & Facilitator.
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Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Apr 30, 2021 817 views

what does it take to work your way up to being a linemen

im hardworking ,i dont give up,i have patience,i wont stop till the jobs done,i listen very well i am hands o and visual learner and i enjoy being around new people,i am very respectful and open to new solutions on anything. #electrician

Teresa’s Avatar
Teresa Sep 02, 2018 666 views

Any pointers on how to prepare mentally for college.


Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 09, 2020 439 views

How much do I get paid to become a foods service manager?

I would get paid to $18-$26 an hour because I had been working at Harper as a student worker and I am hoping that I will work in the kitchen and help clean tables again.


Hope’s Avatar
Hope Nov 03, 2020 575 views

I'm in the 12th grade and I'm beginning to explore my future career.

I'm interested in volleyball, ocean life, environment life, and criminal justice. #life #career #jobs #ocean #sports

kathryn’s Avatar
kathryn Oct 27, 2020 448 views

How much do you get paid as a pastry chef?

I wanted to know this because I was thinking about being a pastry chef #pastrychef #money #paycheck

kathryn’s Avatar
kathryn Oct 27, 2020 903 views

What college degree do I need to become a pastry chef?

I was wondering this question so I could work up to these degrees. #pastrychef #college #degree

kathryn’s Avatar
kathryn Oct 27, 2020 450 views

What classes do I need to take in highschool to be a pastry chef?

I wanted to know what classes to take in highschool to be a pastry chef. #pastrychef #classes #highschool

Marissa’s Avatar
Marissa Nov 01, 2020 1638 views

How does a teacher handle difficult students?

I plan to teach kids math and to be kind to others! #teaching

Azucena’s Avatar
Azucena Jan 13, 2018 703 views

What jobs could I choose from the medical field with a doctoral degree?

I'm a sophomore in high school that is looking forward to the future and all the different options I could possibly choose from.#registered-nurses #surgeons #medicine #hospital #doctorate-degree #doctor #anasthesiologist

Cian’s Avatar
Cian Aug 27, 2018 496 views

How should I go about learning about what I wish to do about college?

I have ideas about Computer Science, Engineering, and Statistics. I don't know how to figure out what to do and if I want to do these things. #help

Anwar’s Avatar
Anwar May 17, 2018 940 views

Is it true that low-income first generation students find it hard to succeed in and adapt to an Ivy League school?

#school #education #IvyLeague #low-income #success #college #ivy-league

Arturo’s Avatar
Arturo Dec 06, 2019 620 views

what are some skills that a welder may need?

#welding #jobcorps

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Aug 14, 2019 682 views

Why did you choose this certain career?

I am 20 years old and attending job corps in San Jose looking to start up my career. #career-choice #JobCorps

Ralston’s Avatar
Ralston Aug 27, 2019 518 views

What are the requirement we used on automotive?

#More experiences

Joey’s Avatar
Joey Aug 07, 2019 429 views

What does a typical day look like on this job?

I'm 20 years old, I graduated high school with a diploma. I'm wanting a job as a diesel mechanic #job