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Julius Kalibbala

CEO at Daystar Grace Foundation, Counselor,Mentor and career guide. Sales and Marketing at Akatale on cloud (U) Ltd
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Kampala, Central Region, Uganda
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Jocelyn’s Avatar
Jocelyn Apr 07 319 views

How do you know what could be your dream job

I have a lot of different hobbies but how do I know which one could be for me in the future? And how do I know if I need to change career paths.

Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen Apr 06 281 views

What degrees do I need to become a psychologist?

I am a junior in high school and I really wanna pursue psychology to help others better understand their mental illnesses and make them know they aren't alone.

Jensine’s Avatar
Jensine Apr 09 908 views

Regarding internships for high school students

Hello, I'm Jensine. Currently a junior in high school (grade 11), Here is a brief introduction of who I am: I'm a passionate individual who loves to learn. My dream job is to be a CEO. I hope to start a company in the near future, thus I'm looking for internships in social media, marketing,...

stephanie’s Avatar
stephanie Apr 10 1706 views

How to answer "Tell me about yourself"? & What are some good interview questions to ask the hiring manager? I seem to be getting multiple interviews but no job.

I have a fashion interview coming up for a temp role that will get my foot in the door. I have a hard time asking questions or talking about myself pertaining fully to job description. I really want this job and just seem to keep having trouble.

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Apr 10 333 views

Finding Internships?

A second-year college student. How to find internships that will help me gain experience that is a mixture of psychology and education? How to find an internship specific to my career goals? I want to work as a school counselor/psychologist eventually.

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 28 359 views

What is the ATS system, and how can we make sure that our resumes don't get rejected?

This question was asked by a learner in our Internships 101 webinar

John’s Avatar
John Mar 29 325 views

How do you take care of your health ?

How can you take a good care of your health when you’re sick or you don’t feel good at work or you’re not doing anything good and you’re just going through a bad day

Wendy’s Avatar
Wendy Mar 29 553 views

What are some things you do in marketing?

I want to learn more about marketing and business.

Ian’s Avatar
Ian Feb 27 226 views

How can being organized help me invest in marketing ?

I want to understand marketing

Irie’s Avatar
Irie Feb 28 626 views

How will being responsible help me in the workplace as a marketing specialist?

I am an 8th grader who is searching for what career I want to pursue when I get older. Specifically, I'm interested in the marketing field and real estate.

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth Mar 18 468 views

What are the major challenges that could elude people from studying biology as a career in school

What are the economic importance of choosing biology are a major career

Yudistira’s Avatar
Yudistira Mar 17 548 views

Is that any training or Internship before face the real works?

Isthat any training or Internship before face the real works? If had qualified,can you spill the qualified that?

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth Feb 28 357 views

What to do when in real estate?

Need precise guidance or walkthrough