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Kilynn Mar 03, 2022 209 views

Which college would help with music/singing careers?

I love music and singing, I would love to participate in musicals and chorus groups in the future. Music is my passion, I have been in chorus since 3rd grade now im almost a senior in high school, I would love to further enhance and improve my skills. #singer #music-industry #music #singing

Andre’s Avatar
Andre Feb 23, 2022 600 views

What are good singing exercises that will help in the future?

I would like to know just some easy exercises that can help better my voice for the future. #career #music #singer #singing #music-production #music-industry

Owen’s Avatar
Owen Oct 01, 2021 382 views

What is the hardest part about your job?

#Job #career-counseling #career Just asking.Feel free to answer.

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Oct 01, 2021 241 views

How should I get started with part time jobs?

I'm a freshman in highschool looking for a part time job. #job

Osman’s Avatar
Osman Sep 28, 2021 208 views

Are you happy with this job?

Are you happy with this job?

An Awesome Student’s Avatar
An Awesome Student Jan 18, 2021 194 views

What is a good job I can have that will give me enough money to get a small house?

Greetings! I'm Ms. Rohm at the International Community School. My 3rd graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks for your words of wisdom! :)

#career #homeowner

An Awesome Student’s Avatar
An Awesome Student Jan 18, 2021 324 views

How do you become a professional basketball player? How old should you be when you start to play/practice?

Greetings! I'm Ms. Tipton at the International Community School. My 3rd graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance!

#athlete #basketball

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Sep 14, 2020 474 views

What is a simple way to stay focused and continue working towards your goals

I want to become a mechanical engineer, however I'm unsure whether I will be able to meet the requirements because I didn't try to get into my level of classes in middle school and high school until Junior year, I easily passed my math classes in Junior year, I am now a senior taking a class I...

Itzel’s Avatar
Itzel Aug 31, 2020 699 views

I'm in a Community College but I dont know what I want to major in.

I would like to travel around the world and explore new places, earn money and be able to help others. I'm not sure what I want to major in and its stressing me out. I'm also afraid to choose the wrong career. How can I know exactly what I want? And what classes should I take if I'm undecided?...

Janelle’s Avatar
Janelle Sep 02, 2020 554 views

how do I get started with choosing a career?

#psychology I'm starting my senior year in high school this fall, but I'm not sure what I should do. I have a huge interest in psychology and I want to major in psych, but my father says that it's pretty hard to finds jobs with a psychology degree. I just need some guidance on what steps I...

Cristian’s Avatar
Cristian May 23, 2016 1158 views

Do Latinos have a less chance of getting a job?

Im a chemical engineering student in my senior year. Also, I'm a Mexican living in southern California. It seems that in most white collar professions are dominated by white people. No offense intended. But, does being latino lower the chances of you getting hired? #engineer #job #hire...

Tea’s Avatar
Tea Jul 23, 2020 393 views

How did you stay positive when writing about touchy topics?

I have yet to publish any of my writings because of fear of rejects. I find it hard to see my own writing as good or with a good topics. For example, the story I'm currently writing deals with the controversial idea of "Black Self-hatred". I'm also planning on writing about another...

Ashton’s Avatar
Ashton Jul 20, 2020 650 views

How can I choose a profitable career when my interests don’t align with many?

I’m an upcoming senior in high school and I’m starting to seriously consider my future path. My issue is that my interest in the preforming and fine arts outweighs much of anything else, and From what I know those Aren’t fields that often get paid very much. I enjoy designing and drafting so I...

Nadia’s Avatar
Nadia Jul 20, 2020 291 views

Classes I enjoy or classes colleges care about?

Besides the core classes and classes I need to fulfill requirements, I have opportunities to take courses I am really interested in, but aren't truly related to paths I may be taking in college and beyond. For example, I will likely go into a science field, yet would love to take ceramics. I...

Diogenes’s Avatar
Diogenes Jul 21, 2020 447 views

What are good ways to improve your speaking abilities?

For example, in work meetings.
#internship #intern