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Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Within 40 mile radius
Edd’s Avatar
Edd Oct 21, 2023 706 views

Should I give up my passion?

I have two passions only. Making Art and making Music. I am a graphic design student who is doing pretty well in college and juggling my Art and Music passions. I am pretty good at both of my passions. Lately someone told me that I should focus only on one passion. There are some youtube...

Summer’s Avatar
Summer Aug 12, 2023 1066 views

Can I become a international lawyer with only a international relations degree ?

And if not , is it possible to work in companies or In the business field without a business degree if I have only international relations degree ?

Hoor’s Avatar
Hoor Apr 14, 2020 1063 views

I'm still a student but I'm interested in marketing and I hope you advise me on how can I start in this field and which kind of books or articles I should read? , because I wanna graduate with sufficient skills and experience to find a good job


Nancy’s Avatar
Nancy Apr 08, 2020 1353 views

how to start at the digital marketing field


Anik’s Avatar
Anik Oct 28, 2016 1386 views

Will the push for STEM education threaten the future of the arts and humanities?

Creative arts and entertainment, will it be taken over by STEM? #computer-science #computer-software #computer #money #artist #software-development #fine-art #data-science

Anik’s Avatar
Anik Oct 28, 2016 3438 views

Who is the target audience when dealing with STEM?

Is STEM field targeting, video game students, smart students, hand on students, technical students? etc. #computer-software #computer #money #software #tech #computer-games #educational-technology #software-usability

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Oct 19, 2016 830 views


Is your engineering job a lot of hands on? Are engineering jobs different than expected when in college? #student #graduate #intern

habiba’s Avatar
habiba Oct 04, 2016 1108 views

what collage do i need to work in a bank?

i want to work in a bank #banking

Kasey’s Avatar
Kasey May 13, 2016 1087 views

On average, how much do accountants make?

Wondering if it's a good field to go into. #accounting

Kasey’s Avatar
Kasey May 13, 2016 1497 views

After earning a degree, do accounting companies usually recruit you?

I'm on my way to earning a degree in accounting. #accounting #accountant

ryan’s Avatar
ryan May 09, 2016 1088 views

Should I apply for a internship or get a paid job straight out of college and how will it affect my career?

I want to know which would be better to get a better job and how it would open doors for me. #business

ryan’s Avatar
ryan May 09, 2016 2047 views

How hard is it to get a marketing job straight out of college

I want to major in business and I want to know how tough it will be for me to enter the work force. #business

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