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Arnaudville, Louisiana

Within 40 mile radius
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Justin Apr 26 212 views

Regarding a BSN, I thought well I don't know if this is how it works but my teacher told me that the prerequisites are completed within the four year degree, leaving only two years left for the BSN degree. Is this true? Or is it actually two years of prerequisites and then the 4 year degree?

I am a high school student looking to get into a nursing school in Texas.

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Justin Apr 26 182 views

For Registered nurses, can they get their loans forgiven or paid for by the hospital they work in if they stay there for two years?

I am a high school Junior looking into getting in a nursing school program in Texas.

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Margaret Jan 28 352 views

Is there a difference in job opportunities for those with associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees, or a certificate in accounting? Which option would be best for someone who already has a bachelors in an unrelated field to pursue if they wanted to become an accountant?

I am finishing up my degree in Psychology but am considering a career as an accountant. I could get a second Bachelor's in accounting, an associate's in accounting, or a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in accounting. Which would be the better option? #accounting #accountant #business...

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Justin Mar 03 256 views

If I am a teen fresh out of high school and who wants to get into a ADN or BSN program at a college, how am I supposed to take and pass the TEAS if I don't know much about nursing subjects? If the TEAS is to test us on how well we know nursing then wouldn't that completely contradict the whole point of going to a nursing program?

#nurse #college #healthcare #registered-nurses #nursing

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Justin Feb 19 341 views

Can I work as a nurse and earn my Bachelor's of science at the same time?

#registered-nurses #nursing #nurse #science

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Justin Feb 10 369 views

What steps do I need to take to become a CRNA

#nursing #career #medicine Good evening, I am a Junior in High School and since june of last year I have wanted to pursue a career in CRNA. The thing is, I have no the slightest clue on how to actually become one, what schooling I need, and what can I start doing now. I know I have to go to...

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Haley Sep 01, 2017 659 views

What do you do when, you feel like you can't do it anymore?

I have a tendency to have panic attacks, and feel like I cant make it through school. I can't imagine what its going to be like in college next year. I would genuinely like to hear what college students do, or have done, to get through it all.#k-12-education #motivation #self-esteem...

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Justin Feb 17 197 views

After I graduate High School, do I need to get my associate's degree before I can get my Bachelor's degree? I want to become a CRNA and need my BSN but the tuition is very high for both degrees.

#college #nursing #student #CRNA #JUNIOR

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Justin Feb 16 301 views

When pursuing a career in Nursing, do you get your nursing prerequisites in your Associate's Degree In Nursing or are they another separate year of college?

#nursing #nurse #healthcare #college #nursing-education #junior #CRNA

Margaret’s Avatar
Margaret Jan 23, 2018 555 views

What is the best way to prepare for college besides academics?

I'll be attending college soon and I'd like to know what to prepare for and how to prepare for it. I hear that college is very different from high school and you need different skills to navigate it.
#college #college-life

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Aisha May 22, 2016 587 views

What are some tips or lesson about study abroad

I don't know much about study abroad but I'm really interested in it.My major is Psychology. #college #psychology #college-major #college-minor #study-abroad

Aisha’s Avatar
Aisha May 22, 2016 664 views

Is a Humanities Transfer program or a Social Science Transfer program good for a Psychology major?

I'm going to a two-year college then transfer to a 4 year college and I want to know which transfer programs would be a perfect match. #psychology #college-transfer #college #college-admissions

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Latasha Mar 05, 2019 334 views

How to make a difference//change in a society like this? #Tech

I want to be able to make a change//difference in this society. #Tech #career #impact

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Skylyn Feb 22, 2018 631 views

How long can you really be in college for art?

I've been told it can only be 2 to 3 years by someone who went to college for something else.

Jasmin’s Avatar
Jasmin Oct 19, 2016 518 views

What steps steps should an environmental engineer take to be able to improve environmental problems as much as possible?

As an aspiring environmental engineer who cares greatly about the earth and conservation, I would like to know the most suitable path I should take in the college and work force to make the greatest difference as I can. #business #engineering #management #environmental #and

Margaret’s Avatar
Margaret Jan 23, 2018 533 views

How do I know if a university is too academically challenging for me?

I'm a senior in high school and I'm trying to decide what college to attend. I would like to double major in psychology and a foreign language, as well as participate in activities like sailing, equestrian, and dancing. I'm worried it might be too much. How can I get a feel for a particular...

Alexas’s Avatar
Alexas Jan 16, 2018 377 views

Is a physical therapist pay grade based off your location or popularity/experience?

I wanted to know should I open my own clinic in my home state and stay home bound or should I move where more help is needed in my profession once I get to that state of progress.
#physical-therapy #salary

David’s Avatar
David Apr 03, 2019 426 views

I'm in my freshman year in college and it is difficult for me to financially do it I'm not a quitter but can anyone offer some good advice?

#college #finances #college-advice

Latasha’s Avatar
Latasha Mar 05, 2019 817 views

In order to become a nurse,what do you have to study?

I'm currently in 11th grade and I want to become a nurse,but I have other career goals in mind in case nursing don't work out.#Tech #nursing #registered-nurses #medicine #nurse

Latasha’s Avatar
Latasha Mar 05, 2019 320 views

Do this school have soccer? #Tech

I play soccer for Carencro High School and I'm interested in this school for nursing and sports.#Tech

Latasha’s Avatar
Latasha Mar 05, 2019 764 views

What do you have to study to become a nurse?

I'm currently in 11th grade and I want to become a nurse,but I have other career goals in mind in case nursing don't work out.#Tech #nursing #registered-nurses #medicine #nurse

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla May 24, 2018 405 views

what is the most common misconception about the medical field (from any standpoint)?

#medicalfield #nursing #NursePractitioner

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla May 24, 2018 545 views

what is the common process when becoming a nurse?

The school that I am interested has a pre-licensure program. I want to become as educated as possible in regards to the education of a working nurse. #career-paths #nursing #medical-field #nursing-schools

Alexas’s Avatar
Alexas Jan 16, 2018 452 views

Does Exercise Science fall under the catergory of classes you take for Sports Medicine to become a physical therapist?

I wanted to take exercise science, but not if i don’t have to take it and it not having anything to do with my career pathway
#healthcareer #physical therapy #exercise science

Madeline’s Avatar
Madeline Feb 23, 2018 429 views

I am currently going through schooling for cosmetology and even though hair dressing isn't my first choice I would like to know if it is easier to rent a chair long term or own a your own salon long term?

I have always been interested in different hair styles, but my dream career is Special Effects Makeup ( monster makeup, fake scars, etc. ) I am currently going through cosmetology school to have some experience in another field if that doesn't work out. Cosmetology has so much to offer but hair...

Margaret’s Avatar
Margaret Jan 23, 2018 621 views

What is a day in the life of an FBI agent like?

I think I would like to have a law-enforcement career, but I'm not sure which one. FBI seems the most likely, but I'd like to know what the job is really like.
#law-enforcement #fbi

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hailey Feb 23, 2018 446 views

what kid of knolge do i need for game designing

Cause since i was little i was always in to gaming ,it was probe cause my cousin would drag me to there house every weekend to play crash. and i am in to drawing and creating my own art so i would put them to gather

Caytlyn’s Avatar
Caytlyn May 19, 2016 699 views

Ever since i was little I've enjoyed anything related to the medical field. I'm planning on majoring in biology, if i minor in psychology will that be too confusing?

I enjoy all things in the medical field but at the same time psychology has stuck to me. However, my teacher told me that is too different areas and i might confuse myself. #psychology #medicine #majors #majors-and-minors #anesthesiology

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