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Atwater, California

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Arturo’s Avatar
Arturo Jul 08, 2023 217 views

Should I take a gap year after high school to save money or go directly to college?

I wanna be a criminal law lawayer

Ermandrea’s Avatar
Ermandrea Jun 23, 2023 296 views

What steps do I need to take to become someone that helps our environment?

I want to become someone that helps the environment (by making things like decomposable styrofoam). The problem is I don’t know where to start. I’m a freshman in high school going on sophomore year, and I feel like there’s more stuff that I can do in my high school years that could help me find...

Yareli’s Avatar
Yareli Jun 14, 2023 191 views

How to apply for another bachelors?

How do I apply for my second bachelors?

Saniya’s Avatar
Saniya Jun 14, 2023 209 views

How can I be more involved and make the most out of my college experience What clubs are the most inclusive? #Spring203?

How can I be more social?

Marwa’s Avatar
Marwa Jun 13, 2023 1319 views

What education or training do I need to fulfill my career goals for the future #spring23?

Hello to anyone who's reading. I'm a sophomore in high school and I currently don't know what major to pick even though I still have 2 years ahead but I think it is a good time to start thinking about what I like doing and what I should pursue because I am passionate about my work to make the...

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Jun 13, 2023 250 views

3 part for Computer Programmers, What does an average day look like in your life? An abnormal one? (Hardest one -->) What did you do to get to where you are now? #spring23

I am a senior who is interested in the field of computer programming. However, I have not taken any computer science class/course yet (I have only touched coding blocks a few times on I would like to get an idea of how an average day would look like, such as the hours of work, any...

Almaleticia’s Avatar
Almaleticia Jun 12, 2023 208 views

How would I be able to pick the best classes to become an Ultrasound Technician?

How would I be able to pick the best classes in a junior college to become an Ultrasound Technician Student? #Spring23

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jun 10, 2023 202 views

What are the most important values one can take from nursing into their own lives? #Spring23

What are the core values as a nurse? How do those values play a role in furthering yourself as a human being? Are there any practices or procedures in nursing or the Healthcare system that we can translate into our daily lifestyle?

Treasure’s Avatar
Treasure Jun 10, 2023 581 views

What will my future career in social work bring others and myself?

What will my future career in social work bring others and myself? #sociology

Meghanne’s Avatar
Meghanne Jun 10, 2023 221 views

How do you get your foot in the door when auditioning for professional orchestras? Who can I contact to get information on auditions and music material? How can I start composing my own music? What are good websites or applications when trying to make a musical score?

I play clarinet for my school band and am currently learning Alto Saxophone. I have minimal experience in Oboe but I am planning or picking it up again as well.

Yanvi’s Avatar
Yanvi Jun 10, 2023 143 views

Assume that there are limited resources available and you have to make a decision in a major emergency with a big variety of patients from any ages, backgrounds, and type of injury. Who would you direct to receive the treatment first and why?

Who would you direct to receive the treatment first and why?

Freya’s Avatar
Freya Jun 10, 2023 273 views

What should I do if the college I will attend doesn’t have the specific minor I wanted? #spring23

Can a reasonable option be to apply for community college and take online classes for an associates, while going to my original university in person?

Monica’s Avatar
Monica Jun 10, 2023 223 views

Will the ease of switching majors, having more than one major, or picking up a minor vary on the college?

Hello!! I hear a lot about how people don't always know what they want to do, which is reassuring, but also brings me to question academic flexibility.

Rajpreet’s Avatar
Rajpreet Jun 09, 2023 465 views

Should I become a Pediatrician or Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and what are the key differences besides salary?

I have always wanted to go into the medical field. Recently I have been researching about pediatrics. However, I am unsure if I should pursue a doctorate or a master's in science. I am knowledgeable about the schooling length for these degrees. Additional question: what are some of the best...

Davis’s Avatar
Davis Jun 09, 2023 296 views

What sequence of high school science classes is recommended for future pharmacists ?

I am going to be sophomore and have taken Honors Biology. What sequence of high school science classes is recommended for future pharmacists?

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