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Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Within 40 mile radius
Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Mar 20, 2018 2014 views

What if I don't receive any of the scholarships I applied for?

I have applied for over 25 scholarships and I haven't heard back from any of them. I've worked really hard with essays and questionnaires, filling out all my information and I really want to be successful. I hope I got these scholarships for college because I don't want to have to worry about...

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Mar 20, 2018 701 views

What if my roommate and I don't get along?

I'm struggling to find a roommate who has similar interests. I'm all for meeting someone new, but I don't want someone who has a personalty contradictory to my own. I want to be open and social but I'm scared I won't be like the other students. #college #roommate

Annalisa’s Avatar
Annalisa Jan 15, 2018 875 views

what's music therapy like?

I want to be a music therapist, and I would really like to know what's enjoyable about it, and if it's really as cool as it sounds
#music-therapy #career

Annalisa’s Avatar
Annalisa Jan 15, 2018 591 views

How do i get the most money from my college

Price is a big factor for my family and me and I need to know how I can get the most money out of schools to lower the price

#college #finance #scholarships

Annalisa’s Avatar
Annalisa Jan 15, 2018 5922 views

what should i put on my resume as a first time job seeker?

I'm starting to look for jobs, but I don't know what employers want to see from me, given I have not held a career before.

#jobs #resume #resume-writing

Beau’s Avatar
Beau Dec 19, 2017 770 views

I would like hands-on work that allows travel in a nonprofit organization that helps endangered species. What degree(s) should I pursue?

I am willing to get involved with anything from the sciences to social work. I just need recommendations, or directions to a degree/ course of study I can look into that will get me moving forward. Thank you! #nonprofits #endangered-species #career #public-sector #animals #habitat-restoration

Meilin’s Avatar
Meilin Sep 29, 2017 854 views

As someone with an interest in Environmental Engineering, what kind of steps can I take in high school to further my exposure?

My future occupation is to become an Environmental Engineer. I want to help create new solutions that will make a lasting impact on our environment, and I am willing to take the necessary steps to get there. #environmental-engineering #lasting-impact

Debora’s Avatar
Debora Sep 01, 2017 911 views

Is Neuropsychology a major?

I've been looking up graduate schools to attend for a PhD in neuropsychology. However, it seems that there are only programs for "behavioral neuroscience" or "neuroscience with a specialty in neuropsychology". Are there any schools with just Neuropsychology? #psychology #biology #neuroscience...

Crista’s Avatar
Crista Oct 22, 2016 1101 views

What would you consider to be the most valuable facet of computer science to the world today?

Computer science and technology has long been my passion, yet my dream is to contribute to the world positively. Many information technology careers seem to be trivial and/or wealth oriented. In what fields are people encouraged to develop computer technology for the benefit of mankind, rather...

Danica’s Avatar
Danica May 26, 2016 1093 views

Am I pursuing the right Degree?

I am currently in my second year working towards a Bachelors in Business with an emphasis in Operations management. My end goal is to run a non-profit hospital that will serve rural areas. Initially I was working towards a Bachelors in Health Care Administration, yet people I spoke to in that...

Danica’s Avatar
Danica May 26, 2016 1109 views

Post College Plans

In three years I will have a bachelors degree and I am interested in pursuing a Masters at graduate school. Many people are advising me to take a year or more off in between. However, I am worried that if I do so I will not have the drive to go back to school. I would like to see Europe and...

Laney’s Avatar
Laney May 25, 2016 966 views

Are there any free or programs with scholarships that high school students can apply for to gain experience in a biology related field?

So many college summer programs cost thousands of dollars, and I really wanted to know if there were any that have reduced costs and were available for low income families. #scholarships #summer #studying #financial-aid #biology

Laney’s Avatar
Laney May 25, 2016 778 views

After completing a pre-medicine program and receiving an undergraduate degree in either biology or chemistry, what kind of jobs can you get during medical school that would use your bio or chem degrees?

I want to be able to gain job experience while studying in medical school. #biology #chemistry #premed

A'Briana ’s Avatar
A'Briana May 18, 2016 721 views

How many opportunities with jobs do you get when graduating with a bachelors in apparel design?

Curious to know what I will be offered after graduating with a bachelors degree #job #degree #apparel-and-fashion

A'Briana ’s Avatar
A'Briana May 18, 2016 1000 views

How do you get internships with a major in apparel design?

Because I'm going to major in apparel design and I want to know how you get the internships on your own without being referred by your professor? #design #undergraduate

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