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Crescent City, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
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Payton May 14 68 views

What is the best way for teens to start their own business and what did you wish you knew sooner about being a young entrepreneur in high school and college?

I've taken an entrepreneurship class, passed my certification test for entrepreneurship and have been involved with DECA.
I'm wanting to start my own resale business and open a cafe.
I like taking art classes at school and wish to continue in life.

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kaleb Mar 23 192 views

what is a description of your career cluster?

?what is a carrer

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Armon Feb 11 136 views

guide for a polo sci major?

How can I use a job/internship to help me gain experience for the political science/soft science world? What are some opportunities that could help me on this journey?

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Sarah Apr 25, 2020 292 views

How can I get shadowing opportunities for medical school?

I am a second-year Bioengineering major looking to get more involved in my future career field. #healthcare #medicine #medical

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dalten Oct 29, 2019 285 views

what level of education do i need for urban forestry

#urban forestry

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dalten Oct 29, 2019 337 views

i want to know if there is a good union in my career #urban forestry

#urban forestry

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Brenna May 18, 2019 508 views

How much does your undergrad school really matter?

I have heard lots of things about undergrad not really mattering in the long run (I plan on continuing to get a law degree or some other form of Masters degree). Some say it is more worth it to stay local and get in-state tuition at public universities (in Florida they are all very good), but...

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jasmyn Mar 25, 2019 793 views

I am currently in a cosmetology program and i will be graduating within the next couple of months. Once i graduate i plan on finishing up my AA degree and then moving on to complete a bachelors degree. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to which bachelor degree may compliment my cosmetology licensing? I have considered business management with hospitality concentration, but i am curious to see if there are any other degrees that would compliment cosmetology better?

#college #cosmetology #business # hospitality #management

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Austin Mar 13, 2019 273 views

what equipment and skills are needed for the job

Adv. Forestry

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Brenna Mar 10, 2019 394 views

How do you cope with senioritis, because it is hitting hard?


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Brenna Mar 10, 2019 457 views

Are there any opportunities you wish you took but never did?

I am having a dilemma about whether or not to pursue music. I LOVE making music but I also am.. nervous.. about pursuing solely music. I have a great opportunity to do so, and I don't want to regret not taking it. #music #musician #music-industry #regrets #opportunities

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Brenna Mar 10, 2019 393 views

FSU vs. UF music programs, both for soloistic and ensemble perspectives

I have been accepted to FSU for woodwind (flute performance), and am looking at UF for the music w an outside field degree. Which music program is better? #music #flute #FSU #UF

alicia’s Avatar
alicia Mar 05, 2019 330 views

What will be the new technology in the near future?

Will the new technology changes the world? #tech

alicia’s Avatar
alicia Mar 05, 2019 313 views

What's wrong with public wifi?

I want to know why public wifi doesn't work. #tech

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Isabell Aug 27, 2018 469 views

Do colleges see scholarships the applicant has received?

Do colleges see if the applicant has won any scholarships and could it effect their decision on being accepted? #college-admissions #college-admissions

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