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Kristina C.’s Avatar
Kristina C. Mar 17, 2018 342 views

Why don't I see any women Architects?

I was watching a series on Netflix called " The World's Most Extraordinary Homes" and as the host of the show interviews these architects they are predominantly men that have sculpted these buildings....


Shayla C.’s Avatar
Shayla C. May 11, 2016 5987 views

Why did you become an auditor?

I just heard about this job. I'm great with numbers, and do well in math class in high school, but this job sounds kind of boring. Do you like your job as an auditor? Is it really as boring as it sounds staring at spreadsheets and numbers all day? I'd also like to hear why you chose to become...

#math #accounting #stem #finance #business #auditing

Aileen N.’s Avatar
Aileen N. Oct 26, 2016 471 views

As a pediatrician, how do personal feelings come up into work?

Do you associate feelings when it comes to work? Does a patient remind you of someone you know and that affects you relationship wise? Does the environment affect how you feel? #doctor #nurse #pediatrician #healthcare...


brittany L.’s Avatar
brittany L. Feb 21, 2020 228 views
Khloe G.’s Avatar
Khloe G. Jan 30, 2018 758 views
Ja-Ia X.’s Avatar
Ja-Ia X. May 18, 2018 291 views

How do I convince my uptight parents to let me go to a university out of state?

I am the only daughter in my family. My family is very protective about my because of my gender, therefore I have some restrictions. I want to be able to study and work without my parents interfering so often. I also want to simply live my life and focus on my priorities without having someone...

#outofstate #career #independence #college #gender

Dylan C.’s Avatar
Dylan C. May 07, 2016 923 views
Brittany P.’s Avatar
Brittany P. Apr 12, 2017 891 views

Some tips on balancing college, work, and other aspects of your life?

I'm 20 and have been enrolled in community college since I was 16. It's been a roller-coaster as far as my academic performance; I've done well in many classes and failed just as many. I think the biggest factor of my failures is my tendency to procrastinate when I get overwhelmed or stressed....

#studying-tips #personal-development #psychology #work-life-balance #clinical-psychology #time-management #psychotherapy #habit-forming

Uma D.’s Avatar
Uma D. Mar 05, 2017 833 views

What are some ways that people have found helpful for dealing with mental illness in the professional world?

I'm a high school student concerned about how my mental health issues (multiple anxiety disorders) may impact my professional career in the future. I'd love to hear from people who have had experience with this issue. #professional #careers #mental-health #depression #mental-illness #anxiety...

#anxiety-management #personal-development #anxiety-disorders

Brittany P.’s Avatar
Brittany P. Sep 09, 2018 288 views

What are the legal requirements to have a mobile detailing business?

What would be the bare bones to have such a business legally? I want to start a side hustle working for myself doing basic car cleaning packages, just your standard vacuum, wiping down surfaces - not taking anything apart or touching under the hood. I'm just looking to put a few extra bucks in...

#cardetailing #automotive #womeninautomotive #mobilemechanic #mobiledetailing #automechanic

Daniella P.’s Avatar
Daniella P. Mar 23, 2017 468 views

When do you think is the best time for anyone to apply for jobs?

As an earlier employee, in my opinion, saving money while working in an occupation and as a student will be beneficial to saving money in the future....


Keely L.’s Avatar
Keely L. Aug 29, 2018 330 views

Is a Parent Plus Loan the best option?

I am overwhelmed by loans and I can't tell which one is the best for me! #college #loans...


Joshua C.’s Avatar
Joshua C. Jun 22, 2016 689 views

What should one do to remain active in their career and set an example for the coworkers?

Often times many people grow bored of their job and lose interest, due to their routine, however, it is important that we stay active. I was wondering what are certain things we can do to help our concentration and effort to improve. #business #management #entrepreneurship #manager...


Joshua C.’s Avatar
Joshua C. Jun 21, 2016 641 views

Is it a good idea to go to a tech school to learn handy skills after graduating from your academic course?

I go to Montclair state, and I am learning things that are based on thinking and answering questions, but this does not override the importance of handy skills like a bit of carpentry or mechanics. Both types of understandings are important, and I have been contemplating on taking such courses...

#non-profit #personal-development #entrepreneurship #anthropology #professional #professor

Joshua C.’s Avatar
Joshua C. Jun 21, 2016 789 views

Going into a business or a nonprofit, What kind of mindset must one have to push the organization or company forward as an employee?

As an inspired anthropologist, I learn on how to think above and beyond. It is important to not only be part of a non-profit or company but as a member, seek to improve it. I am asking this question to understand how to go about on improving a company's position as a new employee. #business...

#entrepreneurship #management #non-profit #anthropology

Kathy S.’s Avatar
Kathy S. Jul 28, 2019 250 views
Katelyn Y.’s Avatar
Katelyn Y. Jan 27, 2017 706 views

What does someone who goes into HR do?

If I decided to go into HR with my degree, what would I do? What do Human Resource people do? #human-resources...


Hollie C.’s Avatar
Hollie C. Jul 27, 2016 624 views

What are some career options for a recent college graduate with an anthropology degree?

After studying cultural anthropology in college for interest, it is time to face the reality - to find a job with such broad subject. I am desperate to look for jobs relating to my major, but have no clues in how I can do that. It would be great if I can get some advice on that. Thanks!...

#culture #hiring #career-counseling #job-search #anthropology

aydin C.’s Avatar
aydin C. Jul 05, 2020 178 views

possible jobs for a 16 year old without a car

i am 16 and my only prior job experience is part time construction. what jobs would be possible for me?...


Makayla S.’s Avatar
Makayla S. Aug 26, 2018 212 views

What prerequisites are necessary for a Music Teaching Education major?

I want to major in Music Teaching Education, and when I looked up the required classes I saw that there were no basic English, History, Math, or Science classes on the list. I was under the impression that those basic core classes would be required, at least for a quarter or two of each, in...

#college-major #prerequisites #music

Chloe W.’s Avatar
Chloe W. May 24, 2018 239 views

Pre-Law Studies

Picking a major can be difficult! I feel like I would be trapped choosing one that limits my ability to branch out into other professional areas that I am passionate about. For example, I really want to pursue law and I thought that pre-law studies was the best pathway to go. However, I am...

#college-major #choosing-a-major #majors #law

Caitlin O.’s Avatar
Caitlin O. Aug 04, 2018 340 views

What is the pay-off of being a social worker?

My interest has always been in helping people. Will I get to see that in a career in social work? Will I truly be making a difference in people's lives? #social-work #social-worker...


Hollie C.’s Avatar
Hollie C. Jul 30, 2016 623 views

What are some strategies to write my resume if I do not have internships and work experiences prior to college graduation?

I couldn't manage both schoolwork and work during college life. After graduation and as expected, it appears to me that lacking these experiences really downplay my resume. I want to know how I can write my resume given my background like this? #resume...


Chloe W.’s Avatar
Chloe W. May 24, 2018 453 views

Double Majoring

I hear that going to college for one major can be difficult enough. Isn't two better than one? If I wanted to pursue a career in business and law, could I major in both to be competitive within the professional field, or, should I major in business and minor in law? I feel that earning two...

#college-major #double-major #choosing-a-major #majors

Hollie C.’s Avatar
Hollie C. Aug 11, 2016 886 views

What are some pitfalls or things that I should be aware of/avoid during an interview session?

I am a fresh graduate and I don't have much interview experiences. I would like to know what are something that I should avoid saying/focused on, as well as what are some common pitfalls that I should be aware of in an interviews. Thanks! #interviews #interviewing-skills...


Sydney C.’s Avatar
Sydney C. Jul 08, 2019 315 views

First Job Help?

I am having trouble finding a job. I am 16 years old and currently attend high school in the Bellevue area. I have no work experience but I am ready for my first job. I am looking for a job in the Bellevue area. I am hoping to have a summer job, and part-time job during the school year. Please...

#teenjob #first-job #career #job-search #summerjob #jobs

Corbin K.’s Avatar
Corbin K. Oct 03, 2019 249 views

What is your first interview like

Im a student at job corps...


Katelyn Y.’s Avatar
Katelyn Y. Jan 26, 2017 1399 views

Do resumes need to be one page?

Hi, I'm attempting to become an "officer" in a club at my college and they want to see a resume. My boyfriend is a part of this club and he told me that my resume needs to be one page, that jobs only want to see one page anyways. Is this true? The job application my father helped me make it...

#resume #evaluating-resumes #job-application #resume-writing #resumes

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