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Karlee M. yesterday 21 views

Opportunities for experience for an Apprentice Electrician?

I am wondering where to direct students who are curious about an apprenticeship as an electrician for gaining experience, skills, and knowledge about the profession before pursuing the career. #electrician #career...


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Karlee M. yesterday 6 views

Opportunities for aspiring Forensic Science Technician?

I was wondering what training or experience opportunities one should pursue for a future career as a Forensic Science Technician or to work in a crime lab. Are there specific employers, internships, etc. to look for? #technician #forensic...


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Karlee M. 2 days ago 25 views

I am wondering what kinds of courses students can take during their K-12 experience to prepare themselves for a career as an aerospace engineer?

I am currently a graduate student studying to be a school counselor. I am working on a project that focuses on preparing student for college and career readiness. #stem #careers...


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Haley M. Oct 03, 2019 51 views
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Jawanda G. Oct 03, 2019 82 views
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Sivakumar S. Mar 19, 2019 299 views

I am moving back to India ? How do I cope up with this new environment

I am moving back to India ? How do I cope up with this new environment #moving #india...


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Keerthana P. Jun 21 156 views
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Madaline M. Aug 05, 2018 180 views
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Aayush R. Jul 10 104 views

What are good occupations in the engineering department these days?

I like to build things and I am interested in learning more about coding and technology. I also enjoy photography. #engineering...


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Hailin G. Apr 20 186 views

What can you do with both a statistics(or applied math) degree and an economics degree?

I am interested in statistics, applied math, and economics, but don't know people who had double-majored in these areas. Just wondering what your working experience is like before and after graduation. How is your day like and what is the best part of your job? Much thanks! #math #career...

#economics #technology #statistics

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Aayush R. Jul 15 78 views

What are growing occupations in electrical engineering? I’ve searched the internet for some but having trouble finding a definitive answer.

I want to explore electrical engineering more but am having trouble finding answers on the matter. If you could answer my question it would be really helpful. Thanks!...


Tracy C.’s Avatar
Tracy C. Nov 22, 2019 184 views
Elyzha A.’s Avatar
Elyzha A. Jun 04, 2016 538 views

Knowing that computer science careers are male dominant, what are women's intake on their work experience working with mostly men and did they ever have to omit an idea for a project because they felt intimidated by men in their group?

I was educated with the facts that the computer science population consists of 80% male. It may seem like a blessing to be one of the 20% of women to make a change and have a voice in the technology field, but to other women, it may seem a bit intimidating. What are some of your personal...

#computer #computer-engineering #technology

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Anna H. Jul 13, 2016 1477 views

Does having a boss bother you?

A lot of people don't like to be told what to do, while others appreciate some direction from others. I'm interested to know what people think #computer-software #teaching #law-enforcement...


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Will D. Aug 27, 2018 168 views
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Jamari P. Oct 03, 2019 92 views
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Jamari P. Oct 03, 2019 72 views
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Ana U. Oct 29, 2019 117 views

What is the best path to medical school

I graduated from high school in Mexico in 2017. I’m attending a community college, this is my first quarter. I would love advice in what path to take Thank you #college #medicine #premed...


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Grace D. Dec 31, 2016 508 views

I want know the difference between business economy and finance, which one is more beneficial and why?

I am majoring in business and want to pursuit an economic career, but I still have some questions because I am not sure if I am doing well #business #accounting...


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Hailin G. Apr 23 204 views

How did studying abroad shape your career?

I am currently a student at UW. I am interested in studying abroad (specifically Tsinghua University) during my junior year. Out of curiosity, what are your favorite aspects of studying abroad? How did it shape you and your career? Which part of the experience stood out to you?...

#exchange #economics #travel #study-abroad #college

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Keshaun W. Feb 21 70 views

what is the best way to start the journey to becoming a pediatric surgeon?

I am just out of high school and very interested in the medical field #doctor...

brittany L.’s Avatar
brittany L. Feb 21 140 views
aydin C.’s Avatar
aydin C. Jul 05 85 views

possible jobs for a 16 year old without a car

i am 16 and my only prior job experience is part time construction. what jobs would be possible for me?...


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Kevin H. Aug 20, 2018 337 views

What could I do as a career by majoring in Criminology

I want to major in Criminology but I'm not sure what options that would give me in terms of career paths. #career #future...


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Pasats T. Nov 24, 2019 107 views

what inspired you to become and auto body mechanic?

I'm 16 years old and I always wanted to work on cars as an actual career but I'm not sure if I want to pursue this in the future....


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