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McCormick, South Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew 12 hours ago 97 views

How can I achieve my dreams and be success?

How can I achieve my dreams and be success?

Jorney’s Avatar
Jorney Jun 23 297 views

What is the path I should take in college to become an orthodontist volunteer and classes wise? What skills should a person who wants to go into this field need or should posses ?

I am going to be a freshman in college. I like science classes

meaghan’s Avatar
meaghan Apr 06 230 views

what things helped you achieve the place you are in right now ?

i really want to become a trauma surgeon and graduate with high honors . any advice will be helpful

Nayla’s Avatar
Nayla Dec 17, 2023 523 views

How can I navigate communications majors?

It can be hard to define being a communications major.

Ashlynn’s Avatar
Ashlynn Oct 21, 2023 627 views

What does minor and major mean in college?

I’m 15 years old and I’m stressfully trying to prepare for college because my brother is a senior and I’m a sophomore. So all I hear his stuff about college and being prepared for college. While also focusing on high school.

Reana’s Avatar
Reana Oct 05, 2023 641 views

What gpa do you need to go to med school ?

What gpa do you need to go to medical school and do you need to already know what you want to be? Also how hard is it to do anything with neurology and is it worth it?

Cora’s Avatar
Cora Oct 04, 2023 352 views

How do I figure out what I want to do, or what college I want to go too?

I am in eighth grade, I am interested In Science, art, space, the earth, and I want a job that allows me to travel.

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Aug 30, 2023 292 views

How to manage money while paying other stuff off?

If i am trying to manage money and stuff how would i do it if i have to pay rent car insurance and stuff like that?

Maryann’s Avatar
Maryann Jul 24, 2023 404 views

How would I get better at art?

I'm interested in art

Sophie’s Avatar
Sophie Jul 02, 2023 358 views

Where do i find internship?

Where do i find internship?

Adrienne’s Avatar
Adrienne Jun 26, 2023 268 views

What are the best colleges with medical programs? (Taking into account affordability, uniqueness, everything else)

I plan on becoming a medical scientist (or biomedical). I've taken honors biology and honors chemistry and science is my best subject. I plan on majoring in bio.

Adrienne’s Avatar
Adrienne Jun 23, 2023 430 views

What is the best or easiest route to becoming a medical scientist?

9th grade, took honors bio and chem, eventually biology major

Nova’s Avatar
Nova Jun 18, 2023 310 views

How good of an idea is it to work on your doctorate at the same time as being an adjunct professor?

I'm a high school senior and aspiring linguistics major who intends to become a professor and obtain their PhD. I've heard about adjunct professorship and that while it is very important to become a tenured professor, it's as time-intensive as tenured professorship with significantly less pay....

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia May 17, 2023 291 views

How do you maximize your college admissions chances?

I’m a rising senior and I’m going to start college applications soon. What can I do as a senior to maximize my admissions chances?

bex’s Avatar
bex Apr 18, 2023 353 views

How do I make sure I can make a living if I want to be a professional actress in theatrical arts?

I really love performing on stage and being in productions, right now my theater program is doing their production of "The Wiz" and I'm ensemble, and I would love to do theater when I graduate but I'm not entirely sure is that's a stable source of income.

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