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Raleigh, North Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Amani’s Avatar
Amani Aug 24, 2023 319 views

how do i become a marine biologist?

i want to be a marine biologist

brandon’s Avatar
brandon Aug 24, 2023 1202 views

What college has the best computer science program?

I want to be a network engineer(junior in high school prefers a college/institute along the east coast). I wanted to know which colleges I should look at/consider and maybe visit, along with any courses I should take to peruse being a network engineer.

Maurice’s Avatar
Maurice Aug 24, 2023 631 views

how can you play for a basketball team without being offered?

how can you play for a basketball team without being offered?

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Aug 24, 2023 209 views

What is a good job to start with in 10th grade?

I would like to know what is a good job to be looking in to at DST for the 10th grade.

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Aug 24, 2023 265 views

What is going to be my job in the future?

My job in the future sports.

Rodell’s Avatar
Rodell Aug 24, 2023 403 views

How do you start off in the stock-trading field?

How out of college would I start on the path of doing stocks and trading?

Jurica’s Avatar
Jurica Aug 24, 2023 448 views

Why do I need this?

What is this for?

michael’s Avatar
michael Aug 24, 2023 630 views

is engineering complicated

is engineering a hard degree to get or to understand?

Josthyn’s Avatar
Josthyn Aug 24, 2023 251 views

What is going to be my future job?

I'm interested in building desktop PCs

Nathaniel’s Avatar
Nathaniel Aug 24, 2023 338 views

What jobs are male-dominated?

I wanted to work a job for men because I do not feel comfortable working with women. I am not trying to be sexist.

Kianna’s Avatar
Kianna Aug 24, 2023 253 views

What do I do to get a scholarship from my dream college?

I want a scholarship

Jordyn’s Avatar
Jordyn Aug 10, 2023 1273 views

What sort of careers combine environmental sciences with directly working with animals/in the environment?

I'm interested in studying for a career in this field but I'm not sure exactly where to start to find the type of work I'm looking for.

kaylee’s Avatar
kaylee Aug 01, 2023 371 views

How to create a college resume?

How to create a college resume?

Nha’s Avatar
Nha Jul 29, 2023 335 views

What are good forensic science schools?

I know I can look this question up on google, but I want to hear real life opinions.

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Jul 20, 2023 381 views

Should I go in the Navy or go for my master’s degree when I turn 18?

I’m currently fourteen and starting University next month, I’m on track to graduate with my bachelors by the time I turn eighteen. I’ve wanted to join the Navy since I was a little kid, and I will, but should I finish with my master’s and then go into the Navy? Or go finish my master’s when I...

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