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Santa Fe, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Mar 26 86 views

what to do in order to get a good job?

the best paying and highly demanded jobs

cristian’s Avatar
cristian Mar 25 392 views

What is my next step? job? or internship?

I want to be a PA, which requires a master's degree; however, I am about to get my BA. Where should I start after getting my BA to pursue that career?

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Mar 23 294 views

Work-life balance?

As a psychiatrist or any doctor what is your day to day schedule and how do you balance life in and out of the hospital.

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Mar 23 648 views

How do I acquire a internship?

I am a 14 year old high school freshman wanting to pursue medicine, I've been planning to apply to a internship to shadow a psychiatrist in my area my Junior year of high school, but I don't how to write a good resume or if my current enrollment classes will prepare me for to shadow a...

Liton’s Avatar
Liton Mar 07 408 views

what is time management?

how to change my life?

Melanie’s Avatar
Melanie Mar 07 438 views

How i can be a cricketer ?

I want to be a cricketer

William’s Avatar
William Mar 07 488 views

What is career village actually do?

What si career village ??

Pappi’s Avatar
Pappi Mar 07 409 views

Which is better doctor?

My dreamis doctor

Philip’s Avatar
Philip Mar 07 235 views

How want to be a doctor ?

How want to be a doctor ?

Jane will’s Avatar
Jane will Mar 07 387 views

What kind of help i can get here ?

Please describe

Sadad’s Avatar
Sadad Mar 07 272 views

What is better between football & cricket?

I love cricket.

Joo’s Avatar
Joo Mar 07 335 views

How much is it ?

Should be able to get it back to jsr

Tada’s Avatar
Tada Mar 07 512 views

how to i can be a doctor?

please help me

Tada’s Avatar
Tada Mar 07 468 views

how to i can be a doctor

please help me

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Mar 07 407 views

which one you prefer?

i love math

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