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Winter Haven, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
Lily’s Avatar
Lily May 02 213 views

What is the best college to go to?

Please answer!!

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Apr 28 420 views

What minor should I choose between Leadership and Supply chain/operations management if I'm majoring in Management and I plan to become an Operations Manager?

I have researched both of these minors and they both seem to have pros but I'm wondering other people's perspective of which one will be the most beneficial.

Olamide’s Avatar
Olamide Apr 28 211 views

How can I grow my knowledge in business administration?

How can I grow my knowledge in business administration?

Rory’s Avatar
Rory Apr 14 260 views

What is the process in finding a job as an Athletic Trainer?

I am a former athlete and I love biology and studying the human body. I am a student in high school trying to research careers. I will take all of the help I can get, thank you!

Lilly’s Avatar
Lilly Apr 13 367 views

What in your opinion is the best part of your career?

Either personal, professional or both, in what ways has your career added value to your life?

Shay’s Avatar
Shay Apr 07 371 views

How do I find a compatible job?

I need something that's fits me best but I don't know wheree to workkk.

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Mar 30 368 views

How fulfilling is a career in psychology?

How fulfilling is a career in psychology? :) My dream is to be a clinical psychologist, but I know the education for it is lengthy and similar to that of a psychiatrist, however the income is significantly smaller.

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Mar 20 422 views

Is there a good career to go into if I enjoy gaming a lot?

I often spend my time on video games and would like to pursue that because it is something I would be happy doing.

Anna Luiza’s Avatar
Anna Luiza Mar 02 673 views

How did you decide what need to do you wanted to follow?

I´ma Junior right now, so I realley need to start planwhat I want in the future and the only career that already passes for me until now is a lawyer or a doctor

Jayla’s Avatar
Jayla Feb 16 667 views

What are the everyday tasks of an anesthesiologist ?

I want to know the daily tasks of an anesthesiologist.

Thairys’s Avatar
Thairys Feb 13 1077 views

What is good gpa to get into a good college/ colleges?

Any help would be useful.

Odilia’s Avatar
Odilia Jan 20 986 views

How can I start looking in a career I’m interested in or makes money ?

As a fifteenth year old and a rising junior with no job experience how can I start with selecting a career and choosing to go or to not go to college.

joe’s Avatar
joe Jan 13 409 views

what are the qualifications of becoming a nurse?

what are the qualifications of becoming a nurse

Hezekiah’s Avatar
Hezekiah Dec 04, 2023 898 views

What are some good companies to work for in the field of Mechanical Engineering?

I am obtaining my AA in May 2025 and I plan to advance my education with my Bachelors but I am unsure what companies to work for or at least should consider. I know certain places will reach out but I want to consider places to work prior to ensure they possess what I am looking for.

jeremiah’s Avatar
jeremiah Nov 20, 2023 306 views

how can i make money at 14?

how can i learn to make money and get a job im 14 im a guy trying to be a bartender and a casino dealer i like to work out shuffle my cards and watch youtube i have no inspirations

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