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Jolene Q. Jan 22, 2018 328 views

How do you think people's opinions of beauty will change a decade from now?

Just wanted to know as today's society is begging to show appreciation for no makeup but at the same time is infatuated with applying makeup everyday. #empower #confidence #beauty...


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Kelli C. Aug 22, 2018 401 views

Is it advised to get a job freshman year?

I am just transitioning to college and despite the workload, I am also worried if I should get a job the first year. Is it advised to just get a job on campus or is off campus a good idea? \ #jobs #first-job...


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austin A. Aug 31, 2018 193 views
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Julianna D. Oct 13, 2018 222 views

What tips and tricks do people have for passing anatomy and physiology?

I have heard that A&P is one of the most difficult classes to pass for nursing. I have also heard that you have to apply yourself fully and study very intensely. What advice do you have for new students that are trying this class for the first time? #nursing #college-major...


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kathryn B. Oct 27, 2020 99 views
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sydnee S. Oct 27, 2020 208 views

Is being a kindergarten teacher a good job?

I'm in 8th grade. I have a class called career and technology. My teacher is having us do a project by asking questions about the careers we want to do when we get older. #students #career #teaching #k-12-education...


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angelica C. Nov 04, 2020 62 views

is your schedule flexible or it varies?

i want to know how flexible your day to day work day is. i know RNs are usually always on call but is it the same for anesthesiologists ?...


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julia P. Nov 05, 2020 140 views

What job can I do to work with children that isn't an average teacher?

I want to teach something other than basic requirements....