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Xin Hui’s Avatar
Xin Hui Apr 21 603 views

How can I better understand myself for my future career?

I am in 10th and i’m really lost in life about what I should do. I like creative jobs, science and business.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Nov 10, 2022 590 views

How Do I Become Successful Both in and Out of the Classroom?

I mean I know studies are important and I intent to excel in everything I do there, but how do I become more than just a student at college?

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Sep 27, 2022 462 views

How do you know you have made it in life?

What is the fine line of a successful life how do you know?

Varsha’s Avatar
Varsha Nov 04, 2021 609 views

Advice for PhD application


When applying to PhD's what do you think looks more attractive for admissions, a Master's without a thesis while working in a research lab or a Master's with a thesis? I have a low undergrad GPA and am trying to make up for it with a Master's before a biology PhD. #college #biology #gpa #phd

SRIVEDA’s Avatar
SRIVEDA Nov 20, 2021 1436 views

what is the difference between college and university ?

#university #college

Viviana’s Avatar
Viviana Jan 10, 2018 739 views

Is it true that musicians have a higher chance of entering medical school?

I am a pianist in high school who is interested in becoming a doctor and I would like to know if this is true. #doctor #music #medicine #college

Jada’s Avatar
Jada Apr 14, 2021 691 views

What steps should I take for choosing the best college for the career I want to go into?

I'm a junior, and I want to get a job in the animation industry. I recently moved from San Francisco to the Mississippi, and I'm struggling to find a school that would have a major that lines up with my career paths.

#career-paths #college #careers

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio Feb 22, 2021 521 views

How long do I have to go to school if I want to major in Sports mangement & recreation

I'm a star football player at wendell phillips and I want to, even if I get injured I can still have something to fall back on and it's something to do with my liking. #college #major

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Apr 14, 2021 531 views

How can I meet the right people in order to be successful in life?

I would want to know how I can meet the right people in order to improve my chances of having a successful life? #life-coach #life

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Jan 21, 2021 507 views

How to know what college is right for you?

Finding the right college for me is proving to be difficult. I was always thinking about going to Penn State, but now other people's advice are steering me away from going there. It also doesn't help that I am still unsure about my major. To provide you with my preferred qualities for a...

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Jan 21, 2021 759 views

How do you narrow down your options for your major in college.

I have some options right now for my major in college. They are engineering, culinary, art, and music. I know all of them except engineering are more looked at as minors, unless you go to an art school or cooking school. I also enjoy the others more than the idea of engineering. I know its nice...

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren May 17, 2016 958 views

What is the hardest part about transitioning from a high school student to a first year college student?

I am currently a senior and plan on going to Pennsylvania for College. I don't really know what to expect when I get there. I don't have any older siblings who know what it's like and times have changed since my mom went to school. I just want a little help and guidance on how to make the...

John Lloyd’s Avatar
John Lloyd Dec 26, 2020 820 views

I am good at writing, analyzing, and conceptualizing and I also love science, psychology, sky, and arts. What career do you think suits me?

I'm a senior high school student and right now, I am taking up STEM. I want to have now a specific career choice as I'll go to college but right now I am still in hesitation of my choices. Assessing myself, I realized that I am really good at writing, science, and planning things out. Aside...

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Oct 23, 2020 546 views

What are some of the best schools for air traffic controlling, and is there any schools that have this training for this occupation in New Jersey.

Im a junior in high school and im looking into becoming an air traffic controller when I graduate college. I have an aunt that works as one in Oberlin OH and ive asked her questions but I dont see her as much so I thought it would be good to ask her. I play sports so I have the working with...

Ron’s Avatar
Ron Jan 16, 2018 901 views

If you are applying to out of state colleges, is it possible to get a citizenship in that state for tuition purposes?

It is just a curious question to ask about selecting colleges and tuition.
#college-advice #college-tuition #college #financial-aid