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Hashir A. Nov 02, 2016 886 views

I have an upcoming interview at a medical school, how do you prepare for a one-on-one interview?

I have a one-on-one interview at a medical school coming up. Does anyone have any helpful tips on what to prepare for and how to approach the interview. For reference: I have a masters degree in biomedical sciences and a bachelors degree in mathematics. medicine -school...


Sarmad A.’s Avatar
Sarmad A. Nov 19, 2016 828 views

What jobs can I get at a big global company with a computer science degree as soon as I graduate?

I like Programming especially HTML ,CSS ! And i hear that the pay is good and there a lot of jobs out for computer science students. computer-science engineering...


Angelina P.’s Avatar
Angelina P. Feb 04, 2017 3626 views

What will make you stand out at a job interview?

Hey! I was just wondering what could make me stand out a little when I go to a job interview. Would it be something that I would say, something that I would do, or something else? Thank you! business medicine teaching law technology interviews information-technology...


Kristen K.’s Avatar
Kristen K. Mar 31, 2017 1087 views

How do I prepare for a Skype interview?

The only interviews I've ever done have been in person, and a company in a different state wants to interview me via Skype. In what ways is this interview going to be different than in-person interviews? What's the best place to set up my computer for this interview? college career...

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Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Apr 11, 2017 1136 views

How to perform in interview?

I am international second-year undergraduate student studying in business school. Now I apply some positions in a club or pre-internship program, they all need to pass interviews. Do you have some useful tips? interview...


Elsa Z.’s Avatar
Elsa Z. Jul 07, 2017 9032 views

What are some good questions to ask a potential employer during an interview?

Usually at the end of an interview, the hiring manager will give you the opportunity to ask some questions about the position or the company. Are there any questions that you can ask that will make you stand out to the employer as the main candidate? As well, as there any questions to avoid...

job-application interview interview-preparation

C L.’s Avatar
C L. Jul 25, 2017 2571 views

What's your weakness?

College student seeking internship position. Well, no one is perfect, we all have weakness. During the interview, I found this question a bit tricky. I would like to know how you approach this kind of question. What does HR really want to know from this question? interview HR...

job-application interview-preparation college career-counseling interviewing-skills

Claire N.’s Avatar
Claire N. Oct 07, 2017 747 views

How do I dress for an intern interview?

I am interviewing for a position as an intern for a member of Congress, but I'm unsure of how formally I should dress and what I should wear. government intern interview interview-clothing...


C L.’s Avatar
C L. Nov 20, 2017 736 views

What do you consider your most incredible achievement?

Interview question; As a student, how should I answer this question ? Can I talk about a group project (academic related) ? or Should I talk about something from my volunteer/paid work? What are some typical answers to this question? What do interviewers really want to know?...

interviewquestions human-resources interview

Ethan G.’s Avatar
Ethan G. Jan 06, 2018 631 views

Do you have any advice for interviewing for a summer internship?

I've started applying for finance internships this summer and don't really know how to prepare for my in-person interviews. interview interviewing-skills...


Shay A.’s Avatar
Shay A. Jan 16, 2018 567 views

What are some things to keep in mind during the interviewing process?

Is there any pointers for freshly graduated students to stand out during their interview? Is there a method to prepare for the interview questions and what kind of question will the interviewer ask? teaching professionals education...


Jayson M.’s Avatar
Jayson M. Jan 16, 2018 328 views

Does it matter what type of job you have while you are in college?

I'm asking because I would like to have a job while I go to college...


Adam S.’s Avatar
Adam S. Jan 17, 2018 580 views

What tips would you give to help me get a leg up on the competition when it comes to interviewing for a job?

I'd like to do well when it comes to interviewing for a future job. I'd like to know how I can perform my best and stand out in an interview....


Mireia R.’s Avatar
Mireia R. Jan 17, 2018 750 views

What should you include in your resume if you're a student with little experience/ skills?

Looking to develop a resume that is effective and stands out, but I'm a high school student without much experience or skills. Are there any things you can include that someone reviewing your resume would find useful to know? Does the fact that I volunteer as a teacher assistant or that I'm...

resume resumes interviewing resume-writing interview experience evaluating-resumes interviews interview-preparation writing interviewing-skills

Julie M.’s Avatar
Julie M. Jan 19, 2018 757 views

What are good questions to as a potential employer during an interview?

I've always had a hard time during interviews. I'm not sure what the right answers to the questions are or what to ask myself to show the employer I'm serious about the position. interview...