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Charlie’s Avatar
Charlie May 05, 2022 546 views

How should I decide what type of engineering to go into

I know I want to be an engineer, but I don't know what type.

Colton’s Avatar
Colton May 05, 2022 618 views

What degrees can you get that get you a job programming?

I see that the main thing you need to get hired as a computer programmer is a bachelors degree of some sort. I've seen that the main one you want is a degree in computer and information technology but what other degrees can apply?

Amity’s Avatar
Amity May 05, 2022 577 views

Which type of lawyer helps more people Prosecutors or DAs?

I have been trying to figure this out for a long time, the reason I want to become a lawyer is to help people, I don't know which one would help the most people and I know it is alot of schooling for either of these but I am willing to do it as long as I am able to help thouhs who need it.

Amity’s Avatar
Amity May 05, 2022 672 views

What are the best colleges for Pre-Law?

I am a sophmore in high school and I want to become a lawyer but so far I cannot find a whole lot of colleges that offer pre law courses. I haven't decided if I want to more in the way of being a Prosecutor or a D.A. I would really appreciate any of the help you coud offer.

Logan’s Avatar
Logan May 05, 2022 497 views

How much schooling would you have to do for an average job in Mechanical Engineering.

I'm just curious on how much I would need to take, so if it doesn't take too long to get a higher level in the field that'd be great?

Tyriq’s Avatar
Tyriq May 05, 2022 374 views

what are some jobs that will help me start my own business

im a senior and high school and i want to start my own clothing brand and start a business. i would like to know how you start and maintain a clothing business

Qianlin’s Avatar
Qianlin Apr 01, 2022 644 views

If I major in economics in college, what jobs can I get?

Is it necessary to get a master degree?

cooper’s Avatar
cooper May 03, 2022 559 views

What is the projected job growth?

I am wondering what opportunities come from the job and how it can grow.

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah May 03, 2022 454 views

How Do I maximize my profit and receive bonus revenue from investing. What company would give the head start ?

Lets say I Have over 10,000 inside of my account and my main goal into Building a career is investing, Making the money back we spend plus 20% What would be the Smartest and fastest way of creating my consistent monthly income ?

isys’s Avatar
isys Apr 04, 2022 559 views

WHat types of jobs can i get with a economics major?

I want to major in psychology and minor in economics but im not sure what i can do with it

Qianlin’s Avatar
Qianlin Apr 01, 2022 498 views

How to combine these two majors, economics and film & media?

I may have to declare the major Economics in college, but I still want to learn about film and media.

Cameron’s Avatar
Cameron Apr 20, 2022 654 views

What do you like most/ least about this career?

What do you like about being a Financial Investment Analysts?

kiari’s Avatar
kiari Apr 28, 2022 741 views

How Can You Be A Better Manager?

Being in engineering or the music business.

Melanie’s Avatar
Melanie Apr 11, 2022 1664 views

As a woman have you ever felt discouraged going into a male dominated field?

As a woman wanting to go into a male dominated field I often find it scary thinking there won't be much women around me. Have you ever been discouraged from it? How did you deal with it?

ashley’s Avatar
ashley Apr 11, 2022 497 views

College majors

Have you switched majors in college before? If so, how was the process?