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Kadiatou Jun 11, 2022 371 views

Is it possible to model as a part time job ? Is the schedule flexible ?

I wanted to continue my online schooling in social media marketing and by the same time model. But I don't know if it's possible to find a balance between the two.

Nami’s Avatar
Nami Jul 13, 2022 363 views

What path do I take for these careers?

Hello, I am torn between the career options I've narrowed for myself. I am interested in both being an Agent and business manager for artists, performers, and athletes and also becoming a marketing manager. I'm not sure which pathway I want to pursue because they are both interesting however,...

ayesha’s Avatar
ayesha Jun 27, 2016 603 views

what i want to study for teacher

my self ayesha i am studying 9th std .so i have a goal to become a teacher so i want some information to what i want bto study for my teacher #professor #colleges #students

Jilly’s Avatar
Jilly Jan 16, 2018 595 views

Why is it so difficult for non-traditional students to get financial aid?

As a student who is not right out of high school, nor has the ability to have parental assistance, I have found it almost impossible to find scholarships and/or grants for someone such as myself that is classified as a non-traditional student. Not to mention, it's impossible to obtain student...

Osama’s Avatar
Osama Apr 24, 2018 524 views

How should a person take advantage of an open curriculum at a college?

I'm going to a college that has an open curriculum and I want to know how other people have taken advantage of it. #college #college-advice

Eboni’s Avatar
Eboni Feb 18, 2022 391 views

(College Student) Have you ever heard of TRiO at your school? Tell me about your experience with it?

#college #college-advice #graduate-school #TRiO #support

Alexandria’s Avatar
Alexandria May 14, 2016 890 views

What is the most frustrating thing about applying for scholarships?

I am in the process of doing this now and I want your opinion. #colleges #students

Mayra’s Avatar
Mayra May 28, 2015 1022 views

what colleges should i be looking at if i want to major in the medical field?

i am a high school student that is thinking about being a nurse #medicine #nurse #major #colleges #medicine-field

Aliyah’s Avatar
Aliyah May 05, 2016 778 views

what are some possible ways to pay for financial aid

Because Its Something Ima Need To Know In The Future And Colleges Already Asking Me About Financial Aid #colleges

ashton’s Avatar
ashton Aug 31, 2017 646 views

What are the best scholarships to get for nursing?

I start school on 18th of September of this year. I'm working part time and needing to find scholarships that will help pay for school. I graduated this year in may. so finding scholarships that will help out a ton! #lpn #practicalnursing #scholarships #nursing #medicine #college-advice...

kaysean’s Avatar
kaysean Jun 29, 2022 337 views

What are some important things I should know working in the culinary area?

need some help

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Jul 10, 2022 315 views

How many D1 college give out football and basketball scholarships

work my hardest in high-school and playing my heart out in football and basketball so i can get me a scholarship and wont have to pay and i can get a faster way into the NBA or NFL. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY 9th grade hobbies is playing sports like football,basketball,track-and filed and...