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Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia 19 hours ago 21 views

How did you know what career you wanted to pursue and did you take a few years in college before deciding Also, how did you decide which college was right for you? ?

I’m still in high school and I feel like there are lots of different things I would be interested in and I just don’t know how to narrow it down.

Shelly’s Avatar
Shelly 18 hours ago 14 views

How can I go further in my career?

To go further in your career you can ask your supervisors or co-workers for tips that can make you a better worker. You can also sit back and think about your own actions, and ask yourself, ''what can I do better?''

Hanah’s Avatar
Hanah 9 hours ago 18 views

I would like to apply for a scholarship, or get a fully covered one for wrestling, when do I do this?

I am in 9th grade, i am a writer and I know I have a few years before I need to start applying, but I just thought it is better to be prepared then not prepared.

Reanna’s Avatar
Reanna 18 hours ago 25 views

What are the best ways to get into the amusement/ entertainment industry?

I've always had an interest in working with amusement/theme parks like Disney, Cedar Point, and Six Flags. I would love to be able to give my ideas an input on how we could always reimagine the parks and keep business afloat. If anyone has any ideas on how I can reach this goal I'd be a open...

Rasaun’s Avatar
Rasaun Jun 03 30 views

what are some goods ways to save money at 16?

Right now when money comes to play I'm always low on it. No matter how much I put in savings it usually will get spent on something that doesn't have any meaning to me like food or stuff for gaming. I just want money so that I could buy things that I want and i could have money left for things...

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jadyn yesterday 21 views

what can i do to help prepare me better for the future?

jobs, money, life in general

Justin’s Avatar
Justin yesterday 20 views

What is the best college in Texas for Areospace Engineering?

I'm 15 and just trying to get a general idea of colleges.

Robertha’s Avatar
Robertha Jun 02 54 views

How can I start a business while in high school?

I'm 15 I want to start a crochet business but I don't know how to start.

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Jun 02 37 views

How will I know if I’m committing years and years of education to the right career? What if I learn it hate it?

I want to be a zoologist, and I’m starting high school next year.

Arianna’s Avatar
Arianna Jun 02 55 views

How do i start?

I'm not sure how to start my college career

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Jun 02 94 views

How can I find my passion?

I am 17, and unsure of everything. I have no idea who I want to be, or what to do as a career. I need some advice, I know I need to go to college not only to better myself and my knowledge just so I can be a well-rounded individual as well as also to give myself more opportunities in different...

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Anna Jun 02 65 views

What are the factors to consider when choosing a college?

What are the factors to consider when choosing a college? How does the location, size, quality, and reputation of academic programs, availability of extracurricular activities, overall cost and financial aid options, and campus culture and community impact your college experience? What personal...

Anya’s Avatar
Anya Jun 02 51 views

What are the benefits of taking a gap year instead of going straight to college?

Because taking a gap year is one of the options for when after students graduate high school, I want to know the benefits of taking one.

Vianey’s Avatar
Vianey Jun 01 79 views

What are some career options if I want to major in business and when can I start taking action to pursue it ?

I am a 9th grader going to sophomore year and I'm not sure what career I would pursue. I started getting interested in business and being a CEO of my own company but I have no idea of what I can do to start my own company. I also got interested in entrepreneurship because it seemed like it...

Caylah’s Avatar
Caylah Jun 02 64 views

What is the best way to start a business?

I want to start a business