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Hebron, Kentucky
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Noah Jul 28 144 views

What is your best advice for someone looking to apply to medical school in the next few years?

Hi! I am a rising sophomore and I am looking for advice on applying to med school.

Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa Jul 24 257 views

How to make a resume with no previous experience?

I have done babysitting but that is about it. Not sure what to write

kristen’s Avatar
kristen Jul 23 241 views

is it worth it to work your life away ?

is it worth it to go to college, get in debt and work your whole life trying to pay off the debt

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Alondra Jul 23 118 views

How would I know something is real or fake with things?

I don’t really know what to write here

Jaidah’s Avatar
Jaidah Jul 22 110 views

When am I supposed to worry about a job?

When am I supposed to worry abt a job or what age am I supposed to try and get one because I don’t know but also I gotta type a long paragraph and I don’t want to fr sooooo yea .8

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Nahum Jul 02 212 views

Are jobs like school?

Are Jobs almost like school?

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Shaina Jun 10 193 views

How do you foster creativity?

How do you come up with creative and juicy ideas right off the bat? I am having a hard time researching ideas with AI and referencing other sites but some people just thought of it fast!! I read a lot of materials from time to time but these people are just on another level of creativity and...

Chiara’s Avatar
Chiara Jun 16 200 views

How do adults develop work life balance?

Hi! I'm looking to enter IT. I want to understand work-life balance, since it's a important topic that comes up a lot among professionals. In terms of not letting work take over all of your time. How do adults that work develop good work life balance, so they can enjoy their life? What action...

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Amzar Jun 16 307 views

What are some important factos to consider when choosing a career path after high school, and how can I determine which caareer would be the best fit for my skills, interests, and long - term goals?

My favorite type of classes are those that deal with art

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Ayesha Jun 09 297 views

How to be a leader without experience?

How to develop and demonstrate leadership skills?

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Julaina Jun 09 630 views

What should I bring up when I'm trying to apply for a job?

Being an upcoming junior I am finding it hard to get a job with no previous experience and being under 18.